A Small Light – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Boiling Point

Episode 6 of A Small Light starts with a nurse taking care of a young child’s needs. The nurse’s objective is to move the baby, who belongs to a Jewish mother, to a secure location before the Nazis have the opportunity to take him into the transit camp.

In order to assist with the baby’s move, Jan steps in and manages to get away from the Nazis’ net. These Nazi council-employed nurses are also looking for a place where they can hide. The nurses and Max, a Councilman, show up at Miep and Jan’s home after moving the infant safely. The fact that her new neighbor is an NSB officer certainly worries Miep.

Mrs. Stoppleman, Miep’s landlady, meets another woman who offers her a place to hide. In return, the lady requests that Jan assist her son, Kuno, temporarily, by letting him hide at their home.

When Kuno develops a sinus infection, things go from bad to worse. Fortunately, Kuno survives and his symptoms are relieved when some mucus and blood pour out of his nostrils.

Max has a hiding place outside town, but going there is extremely dangerous owing to the strict Nazi surveillance. However, in a surprising turn of events, a Nazi officer helps Jan move Max, his spouse, two nurses, and everyone else to a secure hideout.

Miep constantly worries about the Franks since the Nazis have increased their surveillance, as well as searches, after receiving lists of Jewish hiding places. If that wasn’t bad enough, Edith Frank’s psychological state is getting worse by the day. She’s yearning for the sun and consequently, she wanders out of the hiding place one day, which worries Miep because it’s a risky move.

Miep tries her hardest to give the hidden families some happy times. Their potato vendor, Gerrit, gives Miep some strawberries after figuring out that she must be responsible for hiding people inside the annex. Miep gives the fruits to the Franks and thanks Gerrit in silence. She also tells them that she intends to make jam in an effort to brighten their gloomy situation.

When Miep gets to the office complex one day, a Nazi officer demands that she remain still while pointing a gun at her.

The Episode Review

The chaos that is certain to erupt is hinted at when the show comes to a close. But it’s unclear who told the Nazis regarding the Jewish families’ hiding place.

The person who provided the information is the focus of many theories. Tonny Ahlers, who regularly visited Otto’s workplace and questioned Miep, is one potential suspect.

According to some sources, Arnold Van den Bergh, a part of the Jewish Council, is the culprit. Another possibility is that the warehouse employee told the Nazis. On the other hand, various theories contend that the Nazis stumbled upon the hidden annex. It will be fascinating to learn which theory the series ultimately chooses to highlight but for now, A Small Light continues to deliver excellent historical drama across its episodes.

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