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Miep begins to worry that Jan is hiding something because he no longer gives in to her needs and spends fewer hours with her. She requests him to share his concerns, but Jan refuses to open up.

Anne keeps bugging Miep to talk about her marriage with Jan. She hopes to have a partner like Jan in the future, as she sees the two of them as the perfect pair. Peter, Van Pal’s son, is Anne’s crush, and he also expresses interest in her. Anne’s mother, Edith, is against their relationship, so she requests Miep to persuade Anne not to go after Peter.

Miep is currently dealing with a lot of pressure in her marriage. We see how political and social settings shaped Miep and Jan’s wedding, thanks in art to flashbacks, discovering that Miep’s passport had been confiscated by the Nazis while they were in control.

The Nazis were targeting immigrants in addition to Jews, and Miep barely had time to flee the country. Otto Frank told Miep to marry her Dutch partner in order to keep staying in the Netherlands because she could lose everything she had worked so hard for over the course of her life.

Jan was working on the harvest at a close friend’s farm when Miep went to see him. Thereafter, when Miep proposed to Jan, he had been in the middle of spreading manure on the field to fertilize it. Jan felt that the circumstances surrounding the proposal were rather disappointing. He had begun thinking about making a touching gesture soon after divorcing his former partner, and a proposal inside a manure farm was not something he had in mind. Miep surprised Jan with a marriage proposal, and what initially seemed like a strange setting for a proposal became an unforgettable experience.

Among Anne’s favorite memories is Miep and Jan’s wedding. She admires their union and dreams of the day when she, too, will come across real love like Miep. What Anne believes to be the most joyful day in Miep’s life was actually a day filled with anxiety and dread. On her wedding day, Miep was concerned that a Nazi was going to interrupt the ceremony and force her to flee the country. She was fortunate, though, as everything went as expected and she was able to wed the man she adored.

Miep ponders whether her union was purely motivated by convenience as she describes the specifics of her nuptials. She misses the moments when she and her husband could talk about every little aspect of their lives, given that he was largely absent presently. Miep is dissatisfied with her predicament, so she decides to shield Anne from heartache.

Thereafter, she pushes Anne into becoming more practical. She impulsively discourages Anne from ever falling in love, and she changes her mind about the notion that love is simple or lovely.

Miep soon realizes that as a young child trapped in an annex, her elaborate fantasies make life bearable for her when reality is too gloomy to bear. She concludes that having faith in fairytale love could not be harmful. Miep later comes to understand her mistake and makes corrections.

Jan assists the Resistance group in drawing up a plan for the Civil Registry Office. The Nazis’ ability to identify Jews is something the Resistance is working to erase. Jan tells Willem about his desire to get actively involved in the Resistance, going on to say that he wants to do more than simply help prepare blueprints.

Jan agrees to fire a Nazi officer when Willem asks him to do so. Later, he learns that the person is a member of the Resistance and that it was just a test.

Cas decides to talk to Miep after spotting Jan and Willem at a shady bar. Cas’ partner is an associate of the Resistance, so Cas is aware that they are preparing to do something serious. Cas lets Miep know about the same.

When Miep discovers a weapon in Jan’s drawer, she confronts him and demands to know the truth. Jan acknowledges that his involvement goes beyond simply moving papers and that it may even put his life in danger. Despite her willingness to sacrifice for the cause, Miep is unwilling to part ways with her husband. Miep asks Jan to stay, but he decides to go.

That evening, the Civil Registry Office is attacked and Miep arrives there in a flash. The following two days pass in a complete fog for Miep given that she doesn’t know anything about Jan’s wellbeing.

In her office, Miep finds a letter addressed to “Shit Field”. Miep arrives at the location right away after realizing it was Jan who contacted her. Thereafter, we learn that Jan refused to participate in the bombing, so he is healthy and alive.

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Despite Jan’s burning desire to take part in the revolt, he ultimately understood that he was responsible for caring about his own wife’s wellbeing and security along with the welfare of his country. Together, they sought to bring about change in a nation that was subject to the Nazi party’s tyranny.

As the resistance group employs more extreme tactics to combat the Nazis, this episode takes on a darker tone. Additionally, the episode does a good job of evoking fear as well as mystery, leaving us wondering what will happen to Jan. The show’s upcoming episodes will be intriguing to watch, continuing to showcase the horror of a Nazi-infested Amsterdam along with the misery of its inhabitants.

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