A Small Light – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Miep and Jan are looking for a way to hide Frannie’s kids with the help of Max, Frannie’s brother. However, it is difficult to move them while they are being closely watched by Nazis. Jan discusses the situation with his supervisor, who is also a covert agent for the resistance. His boss suggests that he get in touch with Willem Arondeus, who might devise a plan to save the children.

When Willem and Jan first meet, he listens to Jan’s worries. He does, however, assign him a task to perform. Jan is asked to retrieve some crucial documents from a flat before the Puls start cleaning it out because a Jewish family fled from it.

When Jan follows the directions, he finds a baby in the cabinet instead of any official documents. As per the directions, Jan takes the kid and hands it to a woman who doesn’t appear to be the baby’s mother.

Jan is unable to ignore how risky the whole thing has been. He questions Willem concerning this but he reassures him that he has faith that Jan is decent and eager to help. Willem, in return, reaches out to help move Frannie’s kids to a more secure place.

Miep can connect with Frannie’s children on a personal level. Her brother Cas was always by her side, giving her the support that she needed. She consequently did not want the children to get separated from one another.

When Jan and Miep arrive at the specified location, two cars are waiting to pick up the children. Thereafter, the man and woman declare that they will need to separate the kids. At first, Miep opposes because she doesn’t want the children to experience what she did as a kid. However, she is aware that they will need to split up in order to remain safe. Before entering the cars, Miep and Jan say goodbye to the kids, and the children do the same.

Tony Ahlers is wandering near the workplace grounds looking for Otto Frank when Miep arrives to visit the Franks as usual. Tony inquires about the Franks but he is skeptical of Miep’s claims that they’re in Switzerland.

Otto learns about Tony from Miep. He discovers that Tony was blackmailing him. He goes on to say that he once confided in a Nazi collaborator about his hopes for their defeat. He’s in danger as a consequence of this, and Otto goes on to say that the letter of complaint against him that the collaborator sent to the Nazis was intercepted by Tony Ahlers, an NSB messenger. Tony threatens to send the letter if Frank doesn’t give him money.

The Episode Review

This show never ceases to amaze by capturing the suffering that both the wartime victims as well as their rescuers experienced. The series is supported by outstanding performances, especially the protagonist Miep Gies. Bel Powley is absolutely indispensable in the role, and the desire to watch the show again each week is fueled by the sense of comfort and hope it provides, despite how gloomy and distressing it is.

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