A Small Light – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Welcome To Switzerland

The entire family eventually relocates to the hiding place after Margot was taken there safely, as episode 2 of A Small Light begins. Meanwhile, the Frank family drop hints in their house, indicating that they escaped to Switzerland.

Margot is dealing with an existential crisis. Anne Frank is at first very disappointed that she’s unable to take her beloved kitten with her, but soon returns to her upbeat self.

While Edith provides Miep with tips on how to find the very best produce, from their hiding place, Otto Frank oversees every aspect of the company. His staff handle the business’s day-to-day operations. Otto Frank always attempts to maintain his composure, but there are times when his frustration gets the best of him.

Miep has a propensity to grind her front teeth due to her mounting anxiety. She seeks relief by going to see Doctor Pfeffer as a consequence. Jewish doctor Pfeffer was first introduced to Miep through Otto Frank. He frequently asks about the Frank family because he is always in fear for his safety as a Jew.

Miep at first withholds information from him but eventually begins to feel sorry for him. After Doctor Pfeffer requests Miep for help, she finds it difficult to say no. Doctor Pfeffer is a Jew who has a Christian wife. He thought he would be saved at first, but it soon becomes clear that there is no lenient treatment towards the Jews.

Otto Frank and Miep discuss the circumstance surrounding Doctor Pfeffer. At first, he refuses to have him in the hiding place given that there is hardly any room left. Additionally, the food supply is extremely limited.

A day later he requests Miep to bring him to the hiding place after giving it some more thought. As a consequence, Miep takes Doctor Pfeffer to the hiding place.

When Jan is summoned to meet with his superior, he is certain that he will face questions regarding the error in the customer’s report. His superior asks him about the additional ration cards he requested. Jan says that he acted per his convictions and interestingly, his boss feels the same way.

He says that a small group of workers secretly oppose the Nazis and would like Jan to get involved with them. Following that, the superior requests him to keep the information to himself.

Jan ends up lying to Miep when she questions him about his work meeting. Thereafter, we learn that Frannie and her spouse Lou chose to take advantage of the opportunity to board a train and head back to Leiden. It had been a desperate act that involved risk.

Jan hears a loud knock on his door. An approaching Nazi soldier greets Jan as soon as he unlocks the door. The soldier felt sorry for Alfred and Liddy, who were about to leave for the train station with their parents. The soldiers bring the kids home to Jan and Miep whilst Frannie and Lou have been sent away to the camps.

The Episode Review

This episode’s theme is resilience in the face of adversity. As they bravely stood up against the tyrant in the shadows, Miep and Jan had become more than just regular people.

We also see light shed on the Germans too, with a much more nuanced perspective. Even those who supported Hitler and his rule were terrified to witness the atrocities inflicted on the Jews.

This episode’s emotional strengths are hidden by a thick cloud of tragedy. Furthermore, it is a bold creative choice to portray Anne Frank as a supporting character throughout the show. Overall, this is turning into a real emotional rollercoaster.

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