A Sign of Affection – Episode 3 Recap & Review

Someone Is Thinking of Someone

Yuki begins to pause and think about Itsuomi in the opening scene of A Sign of Affection Episode 3. His enthusiasm to learn sign language prompts her to put together a book of the symbols he needs. Her mother finds her signing and thinks it’s just an odd dance move.

Later that night, Yuki and Rin go to Rockin Robin to meet their respective crushes. Itsuomi shows real interest in learning more about Yuki’s hearing impairment and starts asking her questions about it. Kyouya tells him to stop prying into her private life, even though Yuki finds it endearing. After this, Yuki hands him the instruction book she made for sign language. Although he expresses his gratitude, he tells her that he would prefer to learn sign language from her in person.

Emma and Shin, Itsuomi’s friends, arrive at the bar later that day. Yuki feels jealous as Emma attempts to make physical contact with Itsuomi. As they’re getting ready to go, Yuki inquires if Itsuomi is seeing Emma; Kyouya assures her that they’re just friends and have no romantic intentions. Nonetheless, he won’t reveal his reasoning behind it.

Yuki doesn’t hear from Itsuomi for the next four days. When she grows anxious, she messages him. He goes on to suggest that they meet in the laundromat. Yuki teaches Itsuomi some sign language gestures while the two of them spend quality time together.

While leaving, Yuki asks Itsuomi if he’s dating Emma. He goes on to clarify that they aren’t romantically involved and that they’re simply friends. Following that, he inquires as to whether she is in a relationship with Oushi. She tells him that they’re only childhood friends. They agree to meet again before they each go their separate ways.

Emma is waiting for Itsuomi when he returns home. He prefers not to send her out into the snow on her own, so he hands her the keys to his house and then prepares to leave. Additionally, whenever Emma tries to come too close to Itsuomi, he tells her to stay away. The episode concludes with Emma getting drunk after Itsuomi leaves and discovers the sign language book in his house.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 finds Yuki ready to act upon her affections for Itsuomi, but an unexpected sight causes her to second-guess herself.

This episode continues the trend of being both deeply moving and moderately funny while keeping you intrigued the whole time. You can’t help but root for the show’s charming and sympathetic characters. The colour grading, animation, and overall mood are spot-on for the show’s vibe.

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