A Shoulder To Cry On – K-Drama Episode 7 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

A Shoulder To Cry On: Epilogue

The season finale of A Shoulder To Cry On starts with another two-year jump after the last episode. Tae-hyun is now a University graduate and Da-yeol is working on his Police University exams. The two are now dating and have each others’ photos from high school as their phone wallpapers.

Da-yeol is waiting for Tae-hyun at the library where he is studying. Tae-hyun asks Da-yeol to go with him on a “lover’s adventure” and takes him on a mini-vacation before his exams. The couple ends up taking fun walks down the beach and go to rest at a cabin that Tae-hyun had rented for the two of them.

Both boys crash in bed and Tae-hyun goes in as if to kiss Da-yeol but backs off and teases Da-yeol for only having love on his brain. Da-yeol is annoyed but watches his boyfriend prepare dinner for them both. At dinner, Tae-hyun tries his best to force Da-yeol to eat some vegetables but fails successfully at every attempt.

Da-yeol asks what Tae-hyun had carried in his bag, and it is revealed to be a matching couple outfit for them to wear. Despite his initial hesitation, Da-yeol ends up wearing the matching pyjamas as they do homely couple things like brushing their teeth. Da-yeol asks to go have a dip in the pool and Tae-hyun concedes after looking at his boyfriend’s puppy dog face.

How does A Shoulder To Cry On end?

After spending a romantic time in the pool, Tae-hyun and Da-yeol end up dressing in another set of matching pyjamas. Da-yeol tries to dry Tae-hyun’s hair and the boyfriends have a romantic time with each other. Before bed, the two boys end up talking about their likes and dislikes and are shocked at how little they know about each other, despite knowing each other for so long.

The next morning, Da-yeol thanks Tae-hyun for giving him a fun day out. Da-yeol asks why Tae-hyun took him to see the ocean and Tae-hyun mentions that the ocean was one of his favourite things to see after Da-yeol. Tae-hyun tells Da-yeol that he likes him a lot and Da-yeol reciprocates the same feelings and kisses his ear.

Da-yeol mentions that if in the future, the two of them fall apart, he wants Tae-hyun to come and find him just like he has done this time. Da-yeol claims that he is glad they both found a chance to become a shoulder for the other to cry on.

An epilogue shows Tae-hyun grabbing a bouquet of flowers for Da-yeol, who is now a police officer.

The Episode Review

This episode ended a lot sooner than expected and I am really heartbroken. A grown-up Tae-hyun is very likeable and he is doing a lot of things right after all the mistakes he committed as a naïve child. I wish there was a real kiss between the two main leads though!

Given the fact that Jaechan and Yechan are both promoting idols, I would not hold it against the makers for not having a real kiss on the show given their popularity and the toxic fan culture that exists around K-pop idols. The episode did feel really rushed and a lot of details were all over the place.

Are Da-yeol and Tae-hyun together all towards the end or are they a homosexual couple that only sees each other occasionally? We will never know. The character arcs for the main leads, in my opinion, are one of the few killing points for this short, romantic, Korean BL drama.

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