A Shoulder To Cry On Episode 7 (Finale) Preview: Release Date, Time, & Where To Watch

A Shoulder To Cry On Episode 7

The Korean BL industry has seen a huge boost in 2022 with 18 web dramas releasing in the past year alone. Now as we are in the third month of 2023, there are a good number of Korean BL dramas that fans are eagerly waiting for. One such show is the webtoon-based drama, A Shoulder To Cry On. Based on the webtoon – Comfort The Boy, this K-drama follows the life of two high school students.

A Shoulder To Cry On stars not one but two K-pop idols in the main roles with Jaehan and Yechan from the boy group Omega X. After multiple delays, the Korean BL is finally going to release so if you’ve been following A Shoulder To Cry On, you may be curious to find out when this popular BL K-drama is releasing. Well, wonder no more!

Here is everything you need to know about A Shoulder To Cry On Episode 7, including its release date, time and where you can watch this.

What is A Shoulder To Cry On about?

The webtoon ‘Comfort The Boy’ also known as ‘A Shoulder To Cry On’ is written by Dongmul and follows the enemies-to-lovers arc. The story is about a boy, Da-yeol, who is resting in the nurse’s office one day and is alarmed by weird sounds he hears from the bed next to his.

Da-yeol suddenly pulls the curtain that separates the two beds and is shocked to see two boys on the bed. As the nurse gets back to the room, one of the two boys accuses Da-yeol of tackling him. With Da-yeol being punished for no fault of his own, he gets into a feud with the mysterious boy.

Where Can I Watch A Shoulder To Cry On?

The show A Shoulder To Cry On is a web-based drama and will only be released online. Viewers can watch the show on Viki in most regions. However, do expect some delay between Viki uploading the episodes but although their subtitles are among some of the best on the net across all the other streaming platforms. The show will be available on the streaming platform – GagaOOLala in most regions with a relevant subscription.

A Shoulder To Cry On Episode 7 Release Date

Episode 7, the season finale of A Shoulder To Cry On will release globally on Thursday 30th March after the release of Episode 6. The episode itself should drop at around 11 pm (GMT) but do allow some time for it to be uploaded onto streaming platforms.

Expect the show to have one season with 7 episodes. Each episode of A Shoulder To Cry On will have a run time of around 30 minutes. Also, expect episodes to drop with subtitles too.

How Many Episodes Will A Shoulder To Cry On Have?

It has been revealed that the Korean BL, A Shoulder To Cry On will have a total of 7 episodes, with two episodes releasing each week. The season finale will drop along with Episode 6. With the release of this episode, the show will have completely released its first season.

In the last two episodes of A Shoulder to Cry On we saw how Da-yeol tried to push Tae-hyun away as he found himself getting distracted from the sport he enjoys playing. After losing his focus on archery, Da-yeol calls Tae-hyun a murderer which sends the latter into shock.

After Tae-hyun willingly injures himself to get Da-yeol’s attention, the two start bonding again. Tae-hyun shares the truth behind his aunt calling him a murderer and we also get a flashback of Tae-hyun’s life as a child as well as some more information about his sociopathic personality.

Is There A Trailer For A Shoulder To Cry On?

There is indeed! You can find a trailer for the new Korean BL series, A Shoulder To Cry On below:

What do you think about the upcoming BL drama, A Shoulder To Cry On? What are you most excited to see as the series progresses? Let us know in the comments below!

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