A Shoulder To Cry On – K-Drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

 A Shoulder To Cry On

Episode 6 of A Shoulder To Cry On starts with Da-yeol at his district qualifiers match which he internationally ends up losing. Da-yeol claims that all his life, he tried being an archer without any determination but this time around, he knows exactly what he wants to do with his life.

A flashback shows that Da-yeol was going to confess his feelings to Tae-hyun but had decided to wait until after the match was over. During the match, Da-yeol thinks about how he ended up finally seeing what he truly wants all thanks to Tae-hyun. He declares that he likes Tae-hyun as the match comes to an end with Da-yeol losing.

Meanwhile, Tae-hyun is playing basketball with Won-kyung who tells him about Da-yeol’s feelings. Tae-hyun is frustrated. The next day, So-yeong is sure that Da-yeol will be heartbroken after losing the match but much to their surprise, Da-yeol seems pretty cheerful.

In class, Tae-hyun learns that Da-yeol was pretty bad at Math and offers to coach him after school. Da-yeol is all dressed to go to the library where So-yeong joins him and Tae-hyun for Math classes. Once So-yeong goes out to get some coffee, Tae-hyun catches Da-yeol being distracted as the archer keeps looking at his face.

They end up sharing a moment where Da-yeol is about to kiss Tae-hyun but the latter pulls away. Da-yeol is embarrassed but Tae-hyun gets up to leave. Da-yeol tries to make him stay and apologises but Won-kyung, who was standing right by mocks Da-yeol for being “one of those people”.

Da-yeol rushes outside to catch up with Tae-hyun but the latter goes back home without a word. The next day, Da-yeol finds Tae-hyun sitting alone in class and asks to talk about the confession. The two friends argue and Da-yeol claims that he was not apologetic for his feelings.

He adds that he too was annoyed at the fact that he liked Tae-hyun and could not help his feelings. Tae-hyun claims that liking him would only mean that Da-yeol too would end up leaving him as his adoptive mother did. Da-yeol tries to reassure Tae-hyun that something like that would not happen but Tae-hyun is very annoyed and would not listen.

Tae-hyun asks Da-yeol to stop liking him because he meant nothing to him. In the next few days, Tae-hyun finds himself missing Da-yeol a lot and wonders if he too had feelings for Da-yeol after all. He talks to the coach and asks for Da-yeol’s home address when she tells him that he quit archery on the day of his last match.

Back then, Da-yeol had told the coach that he finally found something else he was really passionate about. The next day, So-yeong is crying when she tells Tae-hyun that Da-yeol was leaving school. Tae-hyun is visibly upset and runs outside in tears asking Da-yeol to have one conversation before leaving.

Tae-hyun states that he was not sure if he liked Da-yeol but does not want to be abandoned by Da-yeol. Da-yeol laughs because Tae-hyun is giving him mixed signals by asking him to stick around but does not want to reciprocate his one-sided feelings. Da-yeol is about to leave but Tae-hyun starts crying, begging him to stay.

The former ends up leavung but tells Tae-hyun that he’s done with him. Da-yeol tells Tae-hyun that even if it is for once, he should try liking the person that has feelings for him in the future. Tae-hyun is a mess as he continues to sob day in and day out.

Two years after High School, Tae-hyun now is at University and still keeps looking for Da-yeol.

He is an excellent student still. Meanwhile, Da-yeol is at Police University and struggling to make it through because of his poor Math grades. He meets So-yeong for drinks that evening. Tae-hyun is in college when So-yeong calls him and mentions that Da-yeol is drunk and had been talking about Tae-hyun.

Elated to hear Da-yeol’s name, Tae-hyun rushes to find his old friends. So-yeong asks Tae-hyun to make up with Da-yeol and claims that she no longer wanted to be stuck between the two boys. Tae-hyun tries to keep calm and carry a passed-out Da-yeol on his back.

As they wait for a cab, Tae-hyun ends up confessing his feelings for Da-yeol who is starting to sober up. He wonders if Da-yeol would go out with him if the time comes. Da-yeol states that he will wait for Tae-hyun to confess properly when he is fully sober and Tae-hyun hugs Da-yeol as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

As much as I dislike time jumps in tv shows, this one was really endearing because as soon as So-yeong called Tae-hyun about Da-yeol, I could see the desperation in Tae-hyun’s eyes as he ran across town to find his first love. So-yeong is a true sweetheart here for giving up on her one-sided crush on Da-yeol and uniting him with his first love, Tae-hyun.

I really wish Won-kyung was not made to be such a pathetic character because he would look really good with her. I love how Da-yeol did not give in to Tae-hyun’s unreasonable request. I am sure if they continued to stay friends as per Tae-hyun’s request, Da-yeol would suffer a lot.

Also, Tae-hyun would never actually realise his true feelings for Da-yeol. I am not sure what will happen in the next episode but I hope these two boys end up kissing at least once!

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