A Shoulder To Cry On – K-Drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of A Shoulder To Cry On starts where we left off with Da-yeol and Tae-hyun being trapped inside the sports room. While Da-yeol starts panicking as he tries to open the door, Tae-hyun just sits it out in the room. Tae-hyun is sure that Won-kyung was behind something like this and asks Da-yeol to wait till someone comes to the sports room.

Despite trying his best, Da-yeol gives up on yelling for help and sits beside Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun seems to be having a gala time despite their predicament and Da-yeol wonders if the guy has bipolar disorder that makes him happy in such a situation. Tae-hyun claims that he was just happy he could bunk class.

After spending a while inside the room, both boys begin sweating and Da-yeol looks at a sleeping Tae-hyun inquisitively. He wonders if Tae-hyun was the sweet guy that was here beside him or a bad guy that he had seen and heard him to be. Da-yeol ends up asking Tae-hyun if he’s dating Won-kyung, which makes Tae-hyun laugh.

Tae-hyun recalls the day he first met Da-yeol in the infirmary and how Da-yeol had caught him with Won-kyung. Tae-hyun explains that Won-kyung was trying to flex a hickey he had gotten from a girl from the school. They only rushed to the infirmary to skip class and had accidentally slipped on top of each other when Da-yeol saw them.

Da-yeol is embarrassed at his confusion but is further shocked when Tae-hyun asks if the archer was curious about getting a hickey. Tae-hyun gets close to Da-yeol attempting to give him a love bite but bursts out into laughter as soon as Da-yeol shuts his eyes. Da-yeol is embarrassed but to his relief the doors to the sports room are opened.

The professor asks if Da-yeol and Tae-hyun did this on purpose in order to skip class but Tae-hyun manages to save both of them. Meanwhile, Da-yeol is thinking about his almost-kiss with Tae-hyun which causes him to blush. The teacher asks about Da-yeol’s red face but the archer blames it on being locked in a small room for so long.

As they are leaving, Da-yeol asks Tae-hyun what scent he uses but the latter denies of using perfume. At archery practice, the coach notes how Da-yeol had skipped practice yet again. Meanwhile, Da-yeol is back home after school and tells his dad that he would skip dinner. Da-yeol is confused and still smells Tae-hyun’s apparent perfume on himself.

Thinking back about the incident in the sports room makes his heart flutter but he avoids thinking about it. The next morning, Da-yeol sprays some room freshener on himself before leaving for school. So-Yeong and Tae-hyun find him on the way to school and the three friends decide to go have some tteokbokki on their way to school.

Da-yeol is surprised about the street food as he had been kept from having the delicious dish all his life. At school, Da-yeol’s class are taking part in a First Aid Training session. Da-yeol is called out as the person to be paired up with Tae-hyun for the demonstration of the ‘back blow and abdominal thrust position’.

However, Da-yeol feels ticklish as Tae-hyun is demonstrating the pose and ends up punching him in the stomach. The teacher yells at Da-yeol for injuring his friend and forces him to thank Tae-hyun by saying “I love you” to his classmate for saving his life.

Under pressure, Da-yeol ends up saying, “I like you” instead which makes things a lot more awkward for him around his classmates. Later that day, after archery practice, Da-yeol overhears that Min-jung talking to the coach about yielding to Da-yeol in the upcoming match.

The next day, Yeo-beom tells Won-kyung how Da-yeol embarrassed himself by saying that he likes Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun joins them both and shares a laugh with his friends at Da-yeol’s expense. Meanwhile, Da-yeol learns that his next match will be with Min-jung telling him to play fair and not go easy on him.

That evening, after Da-yeol’s practice session, Tae-hyun is waiting outside for him. Da-yeol goes back inside and talks to Min-jung about distractions. He asks what the best solution is to overcome being distracted during a game. Min-jung suggests looking only and only at his target helps him focus during his games.

Min-jung leaves and finds Tae-hyun waiting outside for Da-yeol. After noticing how Da-yeol was busy practicing, Tae-hyun leaves. The next morning, So-Yeong walks to class with Da-yeol but Tae-hyun notices them walk together and seems jealous. In class, Tae-hyun keeps looking at Da-yeol and tries to have a meal with him but Da-yeol is avoiding the former.

At home, Da-yeol can’t help but think about how Tae-hyun had infiltrated his mind and how he needed to stop thinking about Tae-hyun if he wanted to win the upcoming match. Meanwhile, at his house, Tae-hyun gets a call from his uncle. The old man apologises for the way his aunt behaved with him at school but the student is pissed and ends the call.

Tae-hyun claims that his uncle needed to protect him from the woman who was outright trying to kill him. The next day, Da-yeol decides to skip lunch in order to avoid feeling bloated before his match. As he is trying to leave the empty classroom for a walk, Tae-hyun finds him and asks to talk.

Da-yeol cannot seem to avoid Tae-hyun’s constant taunts and ends up calling him a murderer. Da-yeol asks if Tae-hyun really killed someone and Tae-hyun asserts stating that if seems like he does as the episode comes to an end.

The Episode Review

I find a lot of things that Tae-hyun does annoying in this episode but you have to admit that these two boys look good together! While this episode was much better than the last two, I wish the makers of this show would have taken some creative liberty to make Tae-hyun’s character have some stand when it comes to protecting Da-yeol in front of his friends.

Da-yeol clearly is feeling a lot of emotions and I hope he figures out soon just how much he likes his friend. I wish this show was longer than 7 episodes because the characters really need a lot more development than short 30 minute episodes but knowing that this show even got to see the light of day after so much drama is all fans can be thankful for.

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