Arthur Christmas (2011) Ending Explained – Does Arthur save Christmas?

Arthur Christmas

Arthur Christmas Plot Synopsis

A little girl’s Christmas gift is misplaced due to a technical glitch in the present-delivery system. Determined to save the spirit of Christmas, Santa’s youngest son, Arthur, sets out to deliver the present to the girl against all odds. The impacts of his efforts have everyone realize what it truly means to be Santa.

Who is Santa Claus?

Santa is not a single person, instead, it’s an age-old title given to the duty of gifting kids with toys or coal or nothing based on whether they have been naughty or nice. The person who currently helms the duty is Malcolm Claus.

However, times have changed and most of Santa’s work is taken care of with the help of technology. The sleigh and reindeer have been replaced with highly-efficient S-1 vehicles. Elves supervise the process of delivering presents using high-tech equipment.

Malcolm’s eldest son, Steve who expects to be the next Santa, manages the entire Christmas operations from the North Pole. While Arthur is responsible for responding to the letters sent to Santa from kids across the world.

How is the Toy misplaced?

During one of the deliveries, Santa has to escape when a toy’s inadvertent activation nearly reveals his identity. The tense moment leads to one of the toys falling off the supply line. Owing to that, a girl named Gwen is missed. The toy is later found by an elf named Bryony Shelfley.

When Arthur learns that a little girl’s Christmas will not be complete, he tries to convince his family to make the final delivery using S-1. Steve, who considers Christmas nothing but a business season, argues that they don’t need to deliver the present since it’s just one girl and more so because they have pulled off the most successful Christmas in history.

However, Malcolm’s father, Grandsanta, allows Arthur to use EVE, the traditional wooden sleigh, to deliver the present to Gwen. Grandsanta and Bryony join Arthur on the journey to Gwen’s place.

Arthur Christmas

Is their journey trouble-free?

It’s anything but. The trio lose many of their reindeer and gets lost on four continents. They are ultimately mistaken for aliens which results in a military operation against them. The trio lands on a Cuban island. Arthur is disappointed as he realizes Grandsanta’s true intention is to feed his own ego.

To make matters worse for him, Malcolm remains indifferent while Steve refuses to help – selfishly eyeing Santa’s position. As a result, he loses his vigour and wants to give up. However, he soon realizes what presents really mean to children. Consequently, he manages to get the sleigh back with help from Grandsanta and the group leaves for England.

What do Senior Clauses Realize?

As the reports of present mishandling, and Santa’s indifference get widespread attention, the elves intensify the issues leading Malcolm to try to make amends. However, the inability of Malcolm and Steve to carry out Santa’s work is highlighted when they unsuccessfully try to deliver the present to Gwen.

After Arthur’s team makes it to Gwen’s place, Arthur’s genuinely beautiful intentions come to light as he is seen caring solely and selflessly for the girl’s happiness. As Gwen gets her present. The senior Santas realize he is the only worthy candidate to be the next Santa.

Arthur Christmas

Does Arthur Christmas have a happy ending?

As Arthur fulfils Santa’s incomplete task, both Steve and Malcolm realize their shortcomings. He expresses his love and pride for his sons. The entire family finds contentment as Arthur becomes Santa Claus XXI. Malcolm has become Grandsanta’s true companion post-retirement.

Steve is as busy and fired up as always as the COO of North Pole. Bryony has been promoted to Vice President of Wrapping. S-1 is rechristened EVIE to honour the original sleigh of Grandsanta.

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