Arthdal Chronicles – Season 2 Episode 7 “Ikomahis” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 starts where we left off, with Eunseom and Saya face to face. Dalsae is there too, overseeing this meeting, as the pair remain at an impasse. Saya taunts Eunseom, telling him he’s going to lose given Arthdal has crafted iron weapons. Eunseom though, notices a change in Saya since he’s been impersonating Eunseom and points out that he clearly wants to be loved by those around him. As a result, the pair agree to a loose alliance for the time being.

Eunseom returns to camp – the proper Eunseom – and calls on Ipsaeng to be released. After all, he was just only imprisoned because he knew the truth about Saya’s identity. He points out to the elders that they haven’t caught the real spy yet but will do soon.

Next, Eunseom talks to Chaeeun and tells her that Nunbyeol is okay as he met her in Arthdal. There are welcomes all round, including with Ipsaeng, who is grateful to find his friend alive and well. However, Eunseom doubts his own abilities to lead given Saya’s scathing words earlier on. Suhana shows though and gives him some encouraging words of wisdom.

Meanwhile, a couple of bandits we earlier saw in the forest causing mischief arrive at the camp. They call out for Hae Kkadak and Ttaemun, two of their brothers, to be released. All of this is one big misunderstanding though, according to some in camp, and Eunseom is encouraged to go and meet them to clear all of this up.

Back in Arthdal, Tagon gets his hands on a new sword, which he calls the Sword of Seed. He smiles evilly as the final fight approaches. Tanya remains steadfast in her desire to make Eunseom into Aramun, believing that the current King is too far gone. However, Nunbyeol remains close to the King, while the latter shows his hand and how he’s actually responsible for the yeomari that’s been dispatched. She points out to the King that Saya never returned to Arthdal and gives him crucial intel that could turn everything upside down.

The King gives three instructions. First, Commander Dupa is to leave for Molabeol Castle and relay the king’s order, which includes for Saya and the other commanders on the front line to return to Arthdal immediately. He also makes Dupa the head of the commanding armies, and finally there’s a banquet hosted by the king that needs to be attended by everyone.

The banquet itself goes ahead, and as the Queen and Tanya show up, he can’t stop laughing. Infront of everyone, he brings up how Saya is not himself and says it outright that the one at the castle is not the real one. Unfortunately, he also stages for one of the servants to claim the Queen planned all of this from the start, finding someone who looks like Saya to pretend to be him in the court.

He then turns his attention to Tanya, questioning her psychic abilities and ties to Eunseom, including him being a half-brother to Saya. Tanya puts Yangcha on the spot but they both feign ignorance over the matter. She tells Tagon that it’s simply a dream, and the rest of the court side with Tanya.

Tagon eventually sentences Minister Chobal to death for his insubordinate attitude in the midst of this. After, Tanya reveals the truth to Yangcha that she’s just an ordinary person that’s been bestowed the God’s gift. She asks him to stick by her side.

While this is going on, Eunseom breaks the news that iron weapons have been distributed around Arthdal, which makes fighting them with their own primitive weapons a real problem. Eunseom brings up the Lake of Stars, something that was earlier mentioned in the episode. It turns out there was a meteorite that’s at the bottom of the lake which holds a huge chunk of iron. If they can get this, it would give them a huge advantage. But how to get it out?

Eunseom and the tribe head out to meet the bandits in the forest but it turns out to be an ambush. Everything is kept on a precarious knife edge, until the men are ambushed by one of their own, Karat. As the leader falls back into the lake, he bleeds purple, showing himself to be an igutu. It turns out Karat is from the Momo Tribe. He’s Xabara’s beogeumbari (half-brother) to be precise.

Of the back of this, a new plan is put into place. Saya is going to conquer Arthdal Castle, while Eunseom is going to conquer Molabeol Castle at the same time. Saya sneaks back into Arthdal disguised as a soldier and confronts the Queen in her chamber. She points out that it was Tagon who wanted to have him killed.

The Queen now intends to attack the King and usurp him and after the situation at the banquet. She tells Saya that she’s now snapped and is working to take him down no matter what. Saya suggests that she be the regent in this new world order, while deciding that he is going to marry Tanya. For now though, the pair agree to a loose alliance.

As the episode closes out, two assassins show up in Saya’s chamber and question him over his necklace. Nunbyeol shows up out the back and helps take the assassins out before they do any damage. Saya begins talking about his plan, but Tanya shows, ready to be part of this new world order.

The Episode Review

The delays to Arthdal Chronicles have not done this fantasy show any favours and it’ll be interesting to see if that has a huge affect on the ratings over the next few weeks.

In the meantime though, the political scheming and drama continues, as things in Arthdal continue to heat up. There’s some good drama involving Tanya and the Queen, as they witness Tagon trying to usurp them out of their positions in front of the whole court. Thankfully they manage to hold their own, and the Queen even decides to team up with Saya to take him out. This stuff is great and when the show focuses on this, it’s definitely in its element.

Elsewhere, we’ve got Eunseom returning to camp and now that he’s back with his tribe, we get an idea of how all of this going to come together at the end. However, with only a handful of episodes left and Disney’s release schedule incredibly sketchy right now, we’ll have to wait and see what’s next for this one.

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  2. I just gave up on this series. Blame it on the broadcasters for simply delaying the episode release date (i.e. episode 7 onwards) at their whim and fancies.

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