Arthdal Chronicles – Season 2 Episode 5 “The Sword of Aramun” Recap & Review

The Sword of Aramun

Episode 5 of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 starts with Eunseom and Tagon both being seen as Igutu given their purple blood. Tanya announces that the first dynasty of Arthdal has begun and thus, a new age in town. The White Peak Clan rejoice, but others are shocked over this revelation. In fact, Tagon collapses from a lack of blood. He should be okay with some treatment though, and Tanya is told as much.

The Queen is not best pleased by this revelation and her servants question how people’s perceptions have changed toward the Igutu so drastically. When one claims that Tanya could very well be a god, the Queen bites her tongue and decides to pay Prince Arok a visit. There, she speaks sternly to the Prince about his purple blood.

As for Tanya, she tries to make sense of what she’s done and struggles to control her emotions. In the caves, she’s startled by a bird flying around, dropping on the inside of the coffin lid that originally held Aramun. They didn’t see this before but Tanya notices engravings that are written there from where Aramun was buried alive.

It’s the last oracle left by Aramun Haesulla, reading “When the zelkova tree cracks and my sword is revealed, Aramun shall know their mission.” It’s an intriguing little prophecy but its meaning remains a mystery for now.

When Eunseom arrives, Tanya shows him the engraving. She reminds him that he’s Aramun reincarnated and needs to live up to his destiny. Eunseom refuses, instead pointing out that he’s the leader of the tribes; Inaishingi.

Tanya goes on to give a history lesson, pointing out that there were various gods in the old days except for two – Aramun and Inaishingi. These two never got on and as such, it’s known that if Eunseom tries to lead, and brings up that he’s Inaishingi, it could get many people in Arthdal killed. So what’s the solution? Well, Tanya theorizes that Eunseom can combine both together. But how will they do that? Well, they’ll have to find a way.

Tagon awakens but he’s delirious and continues to hear voices. As he spirals out of control, the Queen shows up and clears the room, deciding they should be alone for now. Eventually they decide to sedate him and keep the King from lashing out again.

As for Saya, he decides to go back to Arthdal and reclaim his original title. Of course, that will cause chaos given what’s going on right now. On his way, he’s forced to run when a strange tribal group show and try to assassinate him. Interestingly, they’re also Igutu given their purple blood. One of the men simply says “He is here. Ikomahis,” before passing out. Saya takes his necklace and ponders over this down by the river. He doesn’t know what this means.

The Queen shows up to see Tanya and demands to know how she knew Tagon was Igutu. She shrugs it off and claims that Aramun told her, but the Queen believes that it was Saya who spilled the beans and she’s kept it a secret all this time, waiting for a chance to use it to her advantage.

Tanya holds her own against the cunning queen, eventually telling her she should be grateful that things have turned out this way and tells her to leave. However, the Queen brings up her ties with Saya. And specifically that Saya is not who he says he is. The Queen is incredulous and decides to use this titbit of information to her advantage and leaves.

Eunseom shows up to see Tagon while he’s awake and questions Eunseom over what he’s doing. “We must kill everyone who has seen our blood,” He says deliriously, before eventually passing out again. As we learn later on, this is actually a vision from Tagon’s past where his father gave him instructions to keep his heritage a secret and not let anyone know that he’s Igutu.

When Eunseom leaves the chamber, the Queen is there to see him. She “sincerely” thanks him and leans in to embrace. During their hug, she pricks the back of his neck with a needle. Eunseom realizes he’s been poisoned and collapses on the ground.

Nunbyeol notices the Queen leave with the large chest (which happens to hold an unconscious Eunseom inside) and takes him to a secure location. At the same time, Mungtae is with the tribal rebels that snuck in. Nunbyeol points out to those she can trust that Eunseom has been taken, including Tanya who catches wind of this news.

When Eunseom awakens, he’s confronted by the queen who has 3 questions for him. She wants to know who he is, how he knew Tagon was Igutu and what his ties are with Tanya. While he’s interrogated, with the potential threat of torture or worse on the horizon, the group work to figure out if they should get the military involved or how they can free Eunseom from captivity. Eventually it’s decided that Dalsae and Mungtae will sneak in together and get him back.

Led by Soolsagang, the pair sneak in round the back while the rest of the soldiers distract the queen at the front door. Things are tense, especially while Eunseom is gone as the tribe are barely staying together without breaking up and being at each other’s throats.

Eunseom is snuck out of Arthdal and the plan goes off without a hitch. Eunseom parts ways with Soolsagang, who hands over an iron sword. This is what will help them turn the tide of battle. This is what will help them save the day.

Soolsagang encourages him to go back to the Ago Tribe with this sword and save as many lives as he can. As they part ways, Eunseom has a clear mission ahead of him. However, Saya is confused and isn’t sure how to proceed. Interestingly, members of the Wahan Tribe spot him while wandering through the forest and call him Eunseom.

While this is going on, Eunseom ends up cornered by Yangcha, who show up, angry that Eunseom has endangered Tanya. As they trade blows, Eunseom breaks his sword effortlessly. And if that wasn’t enough, lightning strikes the tree behind him and then strikes Eunseom’s sword. In turn, this causes his hand to flare purple veins up his arm.

Eunseom throws Yangcha over the edge of the cliff when he attempts to do the same to Eunseom, but also throws a chain down to let him hold on. This display of power, coupled with Eunseom pulling him back up, is enough to embrace his destiny, believing Aramun’s sword was founded at the tree and he’s got that very same blade now. He’ll do it. He’ll be both Aramun and Inaishigi.

The Episode Review

So we have a clear path and vision forward for Eunseom, but this plotline also feels incredibly rushed and pacey compared to the first season. 4 years between stories is an awful long time to try and plug the gap but as evidenced by Tale of the Nine Tailed earlier this year, it can be done – and done effectively. Has Arthdal Chronicles done the same? The jury is still out on that one.

5 episodes in now and Arthdal Chronicles feels like a completely different series, and not just because Disney have decided to gatekeep this for certain regions, with some people (namely those in the US and other parts of Europe) still not able to access this one. Thanks Disney!

As for the show itself, we’ve still got the political squabbling and general tribal issues but we’ve also got a much more streamlined prophecy too, which basically opens and closes this episode.

The plot is progressing fast though and there’s enough intrigue to stick with for the time being, and you can tell that we’re gearing up for pretty big action set pieces to come. Bring it on!

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