Arthdal Chronicles – Season 2 Episode 4 “Purple Blood” Recap & Review

Purple Blood

Episode 4 of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 begins with the Queen holding Eunseom at knife-point after the incident in court. She demands to know who he is, but Eunseom holds his nerve and reminds her that her life depends on his word. She knows he’s too fast to be Saya, given their little skirmish, and demands to know his identity. With a wry smile and a shrug, Eunseom calls himself Saya’s “bentbeot”.

Eunseom goes on to mention the Shahati and her ties to them, along with how he’s gained valuable intel thanks to sneaking into the war council. He encourages her to grab the opportunity given he’s a “Saya that will do everything she says”. Of course, he wants bronze weapons in exchange. This will, of course, go toward his rebellion and could turn the tide of battle.

While the Queen attempts to find out Eunseom’s identity, Tagon speaks to Eunseom, still believing of course that he’s Saya. He wants to know about the testimony in court but Saya uses Tanya’s knowledge to bring up the war and explains that he wanted to do this in a bid to recall his memory.

Outside, Eunseom is called into a meeting with Minister Yeolson and Scriber Dunji. Still forced to keep up pretences, Eunseom keeps calm under questioning as they berate Eunseom. Among them is Mungtae, who points out that Eunseom never been part of the Wahan tribe. They’re convinced that Eunseom was the one who tried to kill Saya.

Mungtae notices Eunseom’s hands shaking while holding his cup and feels suspiciously that he could be deceptive. While out in town, he ends up spotting Dalsae, and chases him down. This is enough for Mungtae to realize Eunseom is posing as Saya. He can’t bring himself to kill Dalsae though, who bemoans Mungtae for abandoning them and walking down a dark path.

Mungtae agrees to let Dalsae leave in peace…but just before he does, Eunseom shows up and holds him at knifepoint. Dalsea actually talks him out of it, pointing out they won’t be any better than those in Arthdal if they kill him here. In fact, Dalsae even drops to his knees and begs. It seems to work and they’re allowed to go. 

While Saya awakens with the Neanthals who are delighted to see him conscious, Tagon is cornered as the Queen demands Tagon make Arok the true heir to the throne. This would obviously put Saya at a disadvantage, and also benefit the Queen too given she can kill him off knowing that her son would get the throne. With no other choice, he agrees to enact the Wind and Flower Ritual.

Off the back of this, the Queen hands over Eunseom’s trading rights for the Bronze weapons. In doing so, he promises to leave for Pyeongmire in the morning. Before he goes, Prince Arok ends up playing games in the street and he’s abducted. The culprit is Yeolbi, who leaves a hidden note to Tanya telling her of his intentions.

Yeolbi is a servant of the Hae Tribe, who are aligned with the queen, so it certainly puts this whole situation in a precarious position. Taya decides to lock up the Great Shrine with immediate effect, intending to try and find the Prince. In Yeolbi’s chambers, the Queen find one of Tanya’s bracelets, and also a book for the White Peak Mountain Hearts, which is a religion that believe Aramun was Igutu.

The Queen shows up and bemoans Baekta, Yeolbi’s roommate. She’s scared and even more so when the queen uses her mother as a bargaining chip. She shows up to see Tanya and the other priests, just as the former figures out that Sojin was the one who wrote the note. She’s also one of the believers for the White Peak Mountain Hearts.

Unfortunately, the Queen uses this, coupled with the ties to Tanya, to look around the Great Shrine. Tanya is in hot water and looks to be one of the culprits, especially as the White Mountain numbers are growing, and there’s a fair few in her ranks at the temple.

The Queen finds a note that only further compounds the problems, reading: “I finished my work, may honour be with High Priest Tanya Niruha.” The Queen tries to tie this with the Prince’s abduction but Tanya uses her powers to back her off, promising to find Prince Arok and what happened.

It turns out Prince Arok been taken deep into the training ground of priests, something that was closed down a long time ago. Eunseom shows too while Tanya is led out by Bakryanfgpung. He’s quick to point out their mission and she’s shocked to learn this guy was the one who wrote the note.

Not only that, but Aramun actually was killed by the White Peak Mountain Hearts. There’s a tomb underground, but he can’t open it, only Tanya and Eunseom can given the prophecy about the sword, bell and mirror.

Eunseom opens the tomb to find the bones of Aramun and evidence of him being an Igutu. It turns out Sword, Bell and Mirror appeared in the world together and they were inherited down from Aramun. That means that Eunseom is the next incarnation of Aramun. Tanya is the key to setting into motion big change though, given her influence across Arthdal. However, she contemplates whether to tell everyone about Aramun.

Meanwhile, word reaches Tagon that Asa Sakin knows where Prince Arok is. Tagon hurries over to see the head of the Asa Clan and demands answers. She tells Tagon that the day “the mirror reflects the sword will be the end of the world”. She encourages Tagon to kill Saya, given he’s the mirror, and goes on to  tell him the truth about Aramun being an Igutu too.

Tanya decides to gather everyon in the temple and reveal the truth, believing that this may eventually be the right way to go. Of course, this does conflict her given she initially said she didn’t want there to be any bloodshed. But yet, acknowledging the White Peak’s doctrine about Aramun would cause chaos in Arthdal.

Tagon heads out and destroys a camp of mercenaries, finding Arok who was in the process of being sacrificed. However, he also ends up being stabbed and of course that reveal his purple blood. He staggers down to the bandit camp, where the Queen finds him and tells the King to get a grip, hide his purple blood and she’ll be the one to save him. Well, Tagon does no such thing and decides to head out and be part of this slaughter too.

Out of all the people to come and help Tagon, it’s Eunseom who arrives in this bandit camp and stops a large statue from falling on Arok. The trio work together to collect him up but unfortunately all the soldiers and ministers in Arthdal notice Tagon’s purple blood.

In turn, Tagon notices Eunseom’s purple blood but before anything can kick off, Tanya shows up with her Priests and speaks the truth about Aramun being Igutu and approve the White Peak’s doctrines.

The Episode Review

Everything has changed now that the truth has been unveiled, and that’s likely to cause chaos between Tagon and Tanya, especially given what this means for the pair. If that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got the situation with Prince Arok being kidnapped, and the drama involving Tagon’s Igutu blood being unveiled to the world. This has certainly caused a big stir in Arthdal and it’ll be interesting to see how everyone reacts to this in the next episode.

The battle lines have now been drawn and given Tanya’s influence, not to mention the prophetic message from Asa Sin about “breaking the mirror”, it seems we’ve got more backstabbing and plenty of action in the episodes ahead.

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