Arthdal Chronicles – Season 2 Episode 3 “Wahan’s Lover” Recap & Review

Wahan’s Lover

Episode 3 of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 starts with Mubaek’s memory honoured on a funeral pyre in Arthdal. Naturally, Tanya is there for the ceremony along with all the other powerful men and women in the realm. His body is burned, but the King and Queen look at one another with knowing looks.

Meanwhile, “Saya” (who’s really Eunseom) is on the mend but he’s got a fever and being kept in the bedroom away from others. Tanya shows and wills him to wake up, but that’s a problem for Taealha. After all, it was under her command that the Shahati attacked in the first place. Should Eunseom wake up and reveal the truth, it would put her in a difficult position, given the Asa Clan are the only ones who know how to summon them.

It doesn’t take long for word of this to reach Tagon. With a crescent dagger in hand, Mubaek’s soldiers try to convince Tagon but he refuses to believe them. In fact, he’s too annoyed at the defeat by Saya at the Plains and points out everything that the Asa Clan has done to help.

Eunseom does finally wake up, but he’s shocked to see that he’s inside Arthdal. The Queen shows up and demands the royal guard move from his room so she can see him. With a sword in hand, Eunseom waits behind the door and tries to strike. As the pair trade a few blows, Eunseom is eventually sedated.

At Tachukan, the troops bemoan their luck as they can’t find Eunseom anywhere. They contemplate whether Arthdal troops have taken him. For now, they’re going to keep this secret, but also question the captive trickster (Syoreujagin) for answers. Eventually he spills the beans and points out that Eunseom went to visit Saya alone without his weapons, or even telling anyone.

Chaeeun shows and confirms the story, and also points out that Eunseom is still alive… but has been mistaken for Saya. This brings some good news, and Syoreujagin decides that now is a good time to play on the opportunity presented. He thinks they should go to Arthdal and save him, given he’s the key and the only one who knows where this is.

Eunseom awakens again and decides to play the part this time, although he’s pretty shocked that he needs to testify before the court. He needs to confirm who killed Mubaek and be prepared to give his statement. However he’s thrown off his game when he learns Tanya is going to be there.

Tanya heads off to see the slaves, whom she’s received word of are being mistreated. She rushes out to help and reprimands the slave owner, going on to give the slaves encouragement, telling them that: “Whoever follows Asa Sin’s will is the descendant of Asa Sin.”

Eunseom heads out into the main hallway, where he’s shocked to find Mungtae now a loyal soldier. This guy, for those who will remember, was originally part of the slaves forced to work in Arthdal last season but he turned on the tribe. Eunseom, still acting like Saya, manages to learn more about the war in the Plains from Arthdal’s perspective.

Nunbyeol is brought before the Queen and proves her worth by moving the Prince away from a bunch of soldiers. Given her Neanthal lineage, she manages to make short work of them and word reaches the queen of her good deeds.

Elsewhere, Syoreujagin heads to Arthdal with the “slaves” and they put their rescue mission to good use. Word quickly reaches them of the “general” (Eunseom) having disappeared from the palace. While all the soldiers search for him, Eunseom dons a disguise and heads out the palace. However, he’s cornered by Nunbyeol and thrown into an abandoned house. She throws him down and demands to know where her sister is.

Eunseom is caught but before they can continue, a Shahati shows up and tries to kill him. Nunbyeol stops the child, knocking her clean out, and approaches Eunseom.

While grabbing his throat, she realizes that he’s not Saya. Dalsae thankfully arrives just in time and points out that Chaeeun is okay and safe. The plan is then put into place to leave Arthdal at nightfdall by the northern gate, disguised as merchants. Given many know Eunseom and Saya’s face, it’s going to be difficult to sneak him out.

Unfortunately, he’s soon found and brought to give his testimony at the castle. On the way, he casts a glance at Tanya and is shocked to see her. In fact, he’s brought to tears and throws his arms around her, weeping silently. Tanya does not reciprocate, telling her to stop. “The world is fun. It must be some kind of illness,” He says, as he heads up into the temple. This is enough for her to realize exactly who he is.

Knowing that admitting the truth would unleash a whole wave of problems in Arthdal, Eunseom speaks before the court and claims his memory of the time is hazy and he can’t remember anything.

Eunseom is challenged over the Crescent Dagger, as he doesn’t know the name. Thankfully, Tanya manages to communicate with him and after pointing out its name, is quick to mention it wasn’t the murder weapon. Instead, he draws out some strange dagger. He looks over at the Queen and tells her he’ll remember soon but doesn’t know if the Shahati are going to be involved.

After successfully coming out of this in one piece, Tanya and Eunseom properly reconvene in private in the latter’s chambers. As for the Queen, she contemplates over what all of this means and decides to visit Eunseom. However, she’s taken aback when she realizes Tanya is in there too. When the High Priest leaves, the Queen and Eunseom alone, she immediately susses out Eunseom’s game and threatens him with a dagger, demanding the truth over where Saya is.

The Episode Review

So it seems like Eunseom isn’t fooling the queen, who’s rather cunning and very much knows that Eunseom is playing a big game here. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see some sort of tenuous deal thrown in between these two.

As for the growing war that’s coming, it’s clear that there’s a rift with Tagon and the queen, and there’s also a constant narrative around the slaves and hunger consuming the city. This isn’t an accident and it would appear that we may be gearing up for a narrative of the slaves overthrowing the soldiers and taking Tagon out, joining Eunseom in his ongoing crusade.

Seeing Tanya and Eunseom reunited again after all this time is also another memorable moment but this reunion is obviously cut short, especially with that surprising ending. We’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for us next!

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