Arthdal Chronicles – Season 2 Episode 2 “War of Twins” Recap & Review

War of Twins

Episode 2 of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 starts with the two armies waiting on the plains to attack. It’s the calm before the storm, but it doesn’t take long for the two armies to clash. Saya smirks, pointing out that this war could have gone for 10 years but they’re ending it right now.

Saya’s cavalry charge, while Eunseom leads his foot soldiers  into battle. As the two clash, Eunseom draws on his powers to kill the soldiers, while many of the horses fall. Is this Helper’s doing? Eithrr way, Saya tellingly stays back and watches the vicious fighting unfold. He’s shocked to see his troops losing. In fact, they’re eventually surrounded by cavalry that show up and begin launching arrows into the troops, circling around them.

Saya is angry and decides to call on Mubaek to help the battle, which isn’t going their way. As the horns blow, Eunseom watches as more soldiers look set to enter the battle. Smoke arrows are deployed to hide their entry, and Eunseom watches in shock as his men are killed outright. “How pitiful,” Saya says from afar.

Eunseom has no choice but to retreat back to the forest, given the number of casualties they’re suffering from. With a few horses at their disposal, they rush back but Eunseom goes it alone to draw Mubaek and his men away from the main tribe. He happens to be riding Helper, and that gives him a distinct advantage. Despite being surrounded, Helper sends out a shockwave of power to the other horses, which throw off the enemy combatants and let him get away.

That whistle arrow? It sounds again and this time, with Mubaek’s men stuck on the ground and with no cavalry to help, are cannon fodder to Eunseom’s tribal troops. Even worse, an arrow pierces the air and narrowly misses Saya’s face, which, in turn, allows Eunseom to get away and the tribe to come out on top.

Over in Arthdal, the Queen is worried given they haven’t heard anything from the frontlines. Interestingly, Nunbyeol hears this play out while acting as a servant inside the castle.

Inside the King’s chamber, the group discuss the rising cost of crops and how the common folk are growing hungry. They also touch on Tanya’s bracelets too, which are sought after by the rich and poor. Either way, the situation here could turn ugly if the common folk rebel.

The Queen is still interested in the assassination attempt though and believes they need to investigate Saya, given there’s been no word around Arthdal of a plot against the prince.

The efforts to find the truth are intensified when Yeolson is tortured. He sneers at their attempts to kill him, until the queen shows up and it’s revealed to be her plot. Tagon is not happy when he finds out, and reprimands her in front of the troops, bemoaning her for torturing the father of the high priest.

There’s no love lost with him toward Tanya (given his own son is wearing her bracelet) but similarly he knows that in order to win the favour of the people, he needs to keep her on their side. If Yeolson is killed, it could cause a riot to break out.

Similarly, he also won’t reveal what he knows, given that knowledge is the only thing that’s keeping him alive. As a result of all this, Tagon decides to take Yeolson himself. And he even promotes him up to become a minister of the Bronze Affiliation.

Meanwhile, Saya’s troops try to recover with many screaming in agony that night, wrapped in bandages and in a rough way Mubaek and most of his troops are okay, but he’s worried. He reflects on how the horses refused to move and believes that this is a sign that Kanmoreu is riding among them.

This is the legendary horse known to have been ridden by Aramun Haesulla. They’ve lost a lot of horses and their number o dead is hrowing bigger every hour as more are brought in. It’s a bitter defeat for Saya, who takes himself alone inside his barracks and starts to lose control. He smashes up the mirror but his blood turns purple, which could reveal himself to be a Neanthal if he’s not careful.

Saya is blinded by rage and more convinced than ever that Eunseom is the Inaishingi. He’s angry and wants revenge. As for Mubaek, he finds a small girl outside with crops. The troops grab her, believing her to be a spy but Mubaek decides to give her to Chaeeun, allowing her to get some food and rest up. After all, he’s been a war orphan himself and knows what it’s like.

Saya realizes that Eunseom is Tagon’s enemy and not his own, and contemplates meeting with him. He wants Mubaek to arrange a secret meeting. It comes just in time, as Mubaek arrives to speak to Eunseom personally. He reveals that Saya is his brother, but also the general of the Arthdal army too.

Eunseom agrees to the meeting, under instructions of no weapons being in their possession. However, Saya relays word across to his soldiers that he’ll kill Eunseom when he gives the order.

Tagon arrives to see Tanya, reprimanding her for treating the servants so well. This groups them together and makes Tagon nervous. He claims that they’re all equal to him too but likens equality to violence. He doesn’t want her to break the precarious balance in play right now, believing it could lead to a rebellion.

As a result, he forbids her from giving food out to the slaves. Arthdal is running out of supplies though, so she tries to bargain. She suggests giving him 10 jars of sorghum in return for letting her continue to treat the slaves. Tagon laughs it off… until she suggests filling a thousand jars with gold instead.

The long-awaited meeting goes ahead, and both size one another up. Eunseom suggests he join the Ago Union and work togerther to take out Tagon. Given he’s a defeated general now, and Tagon isn’t one to be trifled with, Saya laughs incredulously but while his assassin waits at the window, ready to kill Eunseom at a moment’s notice, something happens they didn’t expect.

Shahati bursts in through the door, demanding an audience with Saya. Realizing the threat, Saya tells Eunseom to run. The Neanthals work to burn the house, under instruction from Taealha. As the house burns, both Saya and Eunseom scramble to get out.

Mubaek notices the house ablaze and comes running. He notices Shahati and rushes inside the house. Unfortunately, in snatching up one of the possessed kids, he’s stabbed in the chest for his troubles and left to burn inside. While he bleeds out, Saya is rescued by rescued by Cha Eun and the Neanthals while Eunseom, mistaken for Saya, is brought to the Arthdal camp by the soldiers who rush in. Mubaek carries Eunseom out before bleeding out.

The Episode Review

From the action at the start, to the ongoing issues in Arthdal and the ending misunderstandings between the two brothers, Arthdal Chronicles is just starting to pick up and deliver intriguing drama. The characters themselves still have that edge to them, while the action is a nice way of keeping things ticking over and, more importantly, with a good pace that doesn’t drag on.

The show is still quite complicated with its numerous factions and ideas, but this second season has actually done a pretty decent job to try and cut too much confusion out of this one.

With the two brothers seemingly now swapped and on very different trajectories going forward, we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for our characters now!

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