Arthdal Chronicles – Season 2 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Whirlwind Fire

Episode 10 of Arthdal Chronicles season 2 starts with Tagon face to face with Eunseom. He realizes the guy’s connection to Saya and watches in shock as the real Aramun gets up on his horse and prepares to ride.

As he does, Eunseom calls for the rest of the troops to retreat and save their forces for another fight, one coming sooner rather than later. As they flee into the forest, Tagon is blinded by a lust for revenge and tries to follow. However, Gitora defies him and stands up for the other troops, reminding him how foolhardy this plan actually is.

Elsewhere, Chaeeun and Nunbyeol find themselves wandering together up at Manteiv, the northern most part of the Arth Continent. There, they meet other Neanthals that bring them to their hideout. The pair explain how they’ve been around before the Aso Clan, with the Sarams wanting to drive them out. They couldn’t because they were too afraid of them. And that’s how the children of Shahati rumours began.

Meanwhile, Saya wakes up in a strange cabin with Hae Yeobi watching over him. It turns out he didn’t drink bichwisan after all, it was actually mahasin, which makes one look dead for a specific duration. Thankfully, there’s no Baz Luhrmann Romeo & Juliet tragedy here!

Saya learns that Tanya is in the great shrine and Gilseon is in charge of Arthdal for the time being in Tagon’s absence. She also explains that the Ago army are isolated in the Achi Hill but the battle itself will be over soon.

Elsewhere, Mungtae starts to believe that Eunseom is the prophesised chosen one and looks close to switching sides…again. However, even Tagon is shaken, and despite knowing that the Ago tribe are stuck up the hill with the way back blocked off, he can’t shake the prophecy hanging over Arthdal right now. 

His Generals are quick to point out though that the path is narrow and if they march up, they’ll be stuck in a bottleneck, so for now it’s a bit of a stand-off between the two sides.

With more than 40% of the Ago tribe soldiers dead or injured, things don’t look good for their side. A messenger from Arthdal shows up though, which happens to be Gitora, whom Eunseom obviously has history with. He wants Eunseom to surrender, and points out that with the waterways blocked, they’ll all starve and die of thirst if they don’t. And they need to make their decision quickly.

Eunseom agrees to meet Tagon halfway down the hill, and the pair discuss their current predicament. Tagon likens Eunseom to his father, Ragaz. This man was a great Neanthal but Tagon killed him, spewing his blood into the waterfall.

Eunseom remains on course though and Tagon is eventually convinced. He agrees to let them pass and retreat down to Molabeol Castle. In exchange, Tagon wants Suhana and Kanmoreu. If Eunseom agrees to this, then the way will be opened up.

Eunseom takes these conditions back to the table, and the group contemplate whether to take these terms or not. At the same time, Gilseon believes that the queen may have escaped from the rooftop prison.

As the guards scramble in and check the room, they notice that it looks like she’s been attacked and left for dead. With the queen bleeding out, she’s taken out of the prison and to the nurse. The nurse calls for the room to empty, given she needs to cut her clothes. When they all leave, two are left inside. The nurse is knocked out hastily by the queen, who reveals that she’s not wounded after all.

One of the soldiers happens to be working with High Priest Niruha (Tanya) and doesn’t move when the queen knocks out the other guard. He explains that Tanya wants the Queen to escape and helped orchestrate this. He’s going to help the queen under oath of the Aso Clan, and the plan is put into place.

Hae Yeobi is there to escort the queen out and to safety, where she realizes how important the three pillars are via the drawings up on the wall.

Meanwhile, Eunseom susses out what Tagon’s plan must be. He believes hes going to drive them into the Pine Tree Forest and then annihilate the entire clan in one fell swoop with a sea of fire. The group decide to use the same tactics, and theorize driving them into the headwind so the fire (which would otherwise hit them) will go near the Arthdal troops.

This way, it would drive them away from camp. Everyone is divided over what to do, so Eunseom decides to follow everyone’s advice. The way to do this is to change their own location to get the advantage. Eunseom decides to move a small group to a different location and attack with fire from the other side.

The fire will hit Tagon and his troops first, and they can then defeat the frightened and chaotic soldiers. However, this would also mean both sides potentially facing a whirlwind of fire.

Later that day, Eunseom agrees to the trade of handing over the horse and Suhana, in exchange for the two rebels. Eunseom notices Tagon’s little smirk, joined by Suhana’s knowing grin. Eunseom and Tagon step forward and confront one another. Just before the trade is made, the other group of clan members start their trap but a lowly soldier spots them and a big fight erupts.

Meanwhile, Tagon slays the horse before him in the trade, and also promises to kill everyone else. When Suhana’s life is put on the line, Tagon apologizes and kills the slaves. As he does, Suhana is stabbed repeatedly and killed by Mirusol

Eunseom and Tagon square off, while the rebels manage to hold their own but it’s not enough to start the fire. Eunseom’s plan goes up in flames (pun absolutely intended) and instead he decides to rush down and start the fire himself. As for the rest of them, they decide to retreat into the Pine Tree Forest. 

Tachukan bides the pair time but he’s surrounded by soldiers. Thankfully, Eunseom and Mirusol get involved and help turn the tide of battle. However, Tachukan is killed by a spear. Before he dies, he staggers forward to a tree sporting shrubs and leaves all over and sets fire to the tree. It also burns him in the process. 

Tackukan’s selfless act is enough to start the flames, which spread throughout the Arth Forest and burn the soldiers alive.

Eumseom and Mirusol race through the flames, intending to get back to their rebels. However, the smoke and the chaos allow the rebels to ambush many of the soldiers, who walk right into a big trap.

Tagon is shocked that it’s come to this, and Yeonbal manages to save Tagon from a burning falling tree before it’s too late.

The whirlwind fire however, picks up and begins racing through the forest, looking set to engulf everything in its path.

The Episode Review

This time it’s Tagon who walks right into a big trap and the satisfaction of seeing his face realize that his plan has gone up in flames (pun again, intended) is definitely a highlight of this second season.

However, it’s also rather contrived, just like the big trickery mission in Arthdal, and requires many puzzle pieces slotting into place at once. The fire definitely spread quickly though and thankfully Eunseom and Mirusol managed to make it through the flames in one piece.

Takuchan’s death definitely puts a downer on this victory, while Eunseom’s tactics themselves have been rather foolhardy at times. He’s lost a lot of troops but the fire plan has definitely worked in their favour.

With the fire whirlwind looking set to engulf the forest, and seemingly no way out for our characters, we’ll have to wait and see what next week’s double-bill has in store for us!

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