Arthdal Chronicles – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Penultimate Problems

We return to Arthdal Chronicles this week with the final two episodes before the end of the season. With more political scheming and the overarching plot involving the Neanthals starting to gain traction, Arthdal Chronicles offers up an exciting episode, one that leaves the door wide open for the finale tomorrow.

The episode picks up right where it left off from before. It turns out the Neanthals are looking for someone but remain cryptic when asked by Mubaek exactly who that is. As it happens, the family he’s with are actually Neanthals too, prompting Mubaek to attack. However, when he realizes how quickly Chae-Eun overpowers him, he sheathes his weapon and agrees not to tell anyone about her.

While Tanya learns the truth about Eunseom’s well-being, Saya looks set to kick the hornet’s nest with his plan, speaking to the Elder of the White Peak Mountain Hearts about their next course of action.

Meanwhile, Mi-Hol offers his daughter an ultimatum – avoid standing trial for her actions in exchange for admitting that Tagon is with the White Peak Mountain Hearts. With both him and Taealha facing doubts over whether to cave or not, their fate may rest with Tanya and whether she can find the Star Bell at The Great Shrine.

In the slaver hell of Doldambool, Eunseom doubts himself and sinks deeper into depression while one of the workers collapses, seemingly due to a blood disease. While they discuss what to do next, we cut back to Arthdal where the Daekan warriors follow a tip about the Elder of the White Peak Mountain Hearts. After an initial fruitless search, they knock down one of the brick walls and find a secret passage in her house, leading right to the familiar symbols and copies of the letter Tagon found on his door.

Whilst imprisoned, Tagon arrives and asks the Elder about the “rumours” of him being a Neanthal. She tells him about a mysterious scribe attempting to coerce her into allowing the group to act. Tagon puts two and two together and realizes this is Saya’s doing. Saya talks to him alone and tries to coerce him into joining the rebellion. After some back and forth, Tagon refuses prompting Saya to swiftly retreat, donning the cloak and heading off to Ggachi Cave to tell them the bad news about the Elder’s capture. When Saya heads outside, Tagon reveals himself – he knew the location to the cave too and it turns out he intends to join them on one condition – they don’t reveal they’re Igutus until later on down the line.

Tagon heads back after a done deal and tells his Daekan Warriors to be ready to fight at any time. They must get Tanya no matter what. Meanwhile, Saya heads back to Tanya where they wind up discussing what to do next. He convinces her that she’s the Great Priest and needs to act, telling her about the Star Bell.

Eunseom has a difficult decision to make but he eventually suggests to the Sarams they try and escape. They laugh at his ideda but stop when they realize Eunseom is being serious – they’re going to get out.

Back in Arthdal, Mi-Hol catches wind of the search for Tanya and begins to piece together the fragments of what’s been happening with Tagon. However, Taealha throws a spanner in the works by asking for a sacred trial, despite Mi-Hol and Asa Ron expecting her to align with them. Mi-Hol heads into the heart of the forest and finds where Tanya is hiding out. He escorts her out but stops when one of the Daekan warriors, Moo-Gwang, stands in their way.

A fight ensues, allowing Tanya to get away where she comes face to face with Chae-Eun who helps her out. However, they’re confronted by Moo-Gwang again but he’s stopped by the returning Neanthals, who drive a sword into his back. When Saya returns to the main site where he left Tanya, he notices the crest of the Daekan and realizes Tagon has been there.

With another cliffhanger ending, the finale rests on whether Tanya will find the star bell and fulfill her side of the prophecy. Eunseom’s ensuing escape appears like it’s going to finally give his character something to do too, after a slightly disappointing second half of the season for his arc. Hopefully his redemption comes into play and seeing him face to face with Saya is certainly a very tantalizing prospect indeed.

For the most part, Arthdal Chronicles continues in the same vein as the previous episodes, with enough characterisation and plot development to see you through, even if it can be a little difficult to follow at times. Whether the Neanthal uprising comes to fruition remains to be seen but with one episode left, Arthdal Chronicles looks set for a very dramatic finale to follow.


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  1. Hi,

    The neanthals came for Nunbyeol, Cha Eun’s “adopted” sister. Cha Eun’s father found a sick neanthal girl and brought her home. At first his wife wanted to kill her, but their daughter Cha Eun wanted her to be her little sister so they adopted her. But he cut off her lineage? I think her chi or qi or chakra or some type of energy which would give her the strength and powers of a neanthal, so she is even weaker than a saram. So he taught her how to use a sword to protect herself. The rest of the family members are saram/humans. Hence Mubaek let’s them go and keeps nunbyeol’s secret.

    Also at the end, the neanthal did not drive a sword through Moo Gwang; he just grabbed his hand. We will have to see what happens next episode.

    Thanks for your recap. It will be interesting to see how season 2 ends.

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