Archie – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Archie Episode 3 begins in Bristol England. Cary leaves in a taxi after visiting with his mother. The nurse at the asylum chats with Cary’s mum, and she seems very confused with her son being the actor Cary Grant, and says it doesn’t seem right that he’s her son. 

Cary meets with Eric and tells him he doesn’t want his mother to know he has a half-brother. She doesn’t understand what’s happening, and this will confuse her more. Eric says their father hasn’t been too well and wants a chance to reconcile with him. Cary says their paths will cross no more. However, he wants to stay in touch with Eric and wants him to keep an eye on his mother. He says he will pay him, but Eric doesn’t want any money. He asks what he is supposed to tell her when he meets her, and Cary tells him to say he’s Uncle Joseph’s son. 

Cary visits his mum again to get her moved from the asylum. She asks where he is taking her and where his father is. Cary says his father died a long time ago. She thinks he died of a broken heart being separated from her all these years. Cary doesn’t ruin her ignorant bliss, and also says he didn’t come to get her because she wasn’t ready to go, instead of her thinking he lived all these years thinking she was dead.

Cary settles his mum down at her new home and she asks, “Will you live here with me?” He says he can’t, as he has a wife and career in Hollywood, but he’ll make sure she has everything she wants. 

Back in Hollywood, it’s 1963 – Cary is with Dyan and they are officially together. Cary tells her he’s meeting a producer of an Audrey Hepburn movie in the United Kingdom, and he wants her to come with him and also meet his mother. Dyan is excited and accepts the offer.

Cary and Dyan knock on his mother Elsie’s door. He introduces her to Dyan., and her mother is less than impressed with her. She says, “Is this the latest one?” Clearly, his mother has met a few of his partners since they were reunited.  

Cary has bought Elsie a new coat to keep her warm. She says she doesn’t go out so doesn’t need it. Dyan agrees to model it for her and she insists she keep it. Elsie asks Dyan where she met her son and mentions the age difference, clearly disapproving. Cary says she’s trying to get a reaction out of him.

Elsie says it was confusing seeing Archie grow into a man and was sad when he went back to America. Dyan suggests Elsie come over to live in America, but she doesn’t think she’d be happy there as Americans are vulgar. She says everytime he goes back, it’s like losing him all over again. She has a meltdown over the colour red on her nails that Dyan is doing for her and says she doesn’t want her here anymore. 

Cary and Elsie have fish and chips together, and she says Dyan isn’t right for him. He tries to put her off the idea of America, which isn’t too hard to do. 

Cary is mad at Dyan for suggesting his mother come over to America. He says the two can never mix. He says he can never get his childhood back, and Elsie can never get her son back. Cary says he’s glad to have Dyan with him in the UK, and they have sex. 

Back in Hollywood, Dr. Hartman is “supervising a therapy session,” as Cary puts it. In reality, he’s taking LSD to cope with everything. He invites Dyan to join them but she has an issue with drugs and declines. She says she has a singing job opportunity, but senses Cary isn’t happy for her. He simply says “If it makes you happy, it makes me happy.” Dyan comes into the “therapy session,” and they both take the drugs. Dyan says she feels sick after it and goes for a lie down after a bad reaction to it. She’s been asleep for 18 hours and insists she’s never doing it again.

It’s 1964 – Dyan is performing on The Danny Kaye Show. Cary watches on at home, clearly not happy about it. 

Cary and Dyan are preparing for a party. He’s annoyed she isn’t wearing the clothes he bought her, and she’s upset he hasn’t commented on her performance on The Danny Kaye show. She reminds him that she’s not just Cary Grant’s girlfriend, and wants to have her own career. 

At the party, Cary is still sulking and drinking heavily and watching from afar as Dyan has fun and socialises with guests. 

Stanley has got Cary a good movie deal to star in a film with Audrey Hepburn, but calls Dyan a silly child when she tries to get involved in his business when there’s a suggestion about what parts are acceptable for his image. He tells Dyan he needs to be careful how he is perceived and that Cary Grant is also a character. He tells her to stay away from him and his business partner, meaning Stanley. She tells him she’s young and wants to have some fun, and he reacts very angrily to this and tells her to shut up in a very aggressive way.

Cary is back in the UK. Visiting with his mother, he tells her he isn’t with Dyan anymore. She asks who he is with, and he says it’s just him at the moment. He says he doesn’t want an argument with her. Elsie suggests he come over to the UK to live with her. He says he might take her up on that. They have fish and chips and he dances with her. 

ACTION! Cary and Audrey Hepburn are shooting a scene in a movie. The director calls CUT, and Audrey talks to Cary about Dyan in between scenes. She tells him he’s in danger of becoming boring, and tells him to forget about her and move on, and other opportunities will come up. They then return to film another scene.

Cary is in Hollywood and calls his mother. She tells him she’s looked at an amazing house for them, and he suggests he should buy it. His mother asks him when he is coming home. He says he’ll come home soon but cuts her short when she starts nagging, telling her someone’s at the door and he has to go.

Cary calls Dyan on the phone. She tells him not to call her anymore. He doesn’t give up and goes to visit Dyan and asks her to marry him. She says he behaved like a pig, so what has changed? He says life doesn’t make any sense without her. He claims he behaved badly because he was scared of how much he needs her and loves her.  She tells him to go down on one knee, and she agrees to marry him. Later on, they are having sex, and when she says she loves him, he says it back. 

Cary writes to his mother to tell her he’s getting married. Eric visits her, and she’s upset about Cary, so she tells him to get out. She tells Eric to tell him he’s making the biggest mistake of his life.

Cary and Dyan are eating burgers by the pool. She asks if she can ask him a question, but she wants an honest answer. She asks him, “Have you had a change of heart?” She says he’s not there half the time and nitpicks about things with her. She wants a marriage where they can talk to each other, and she asks, “Do you still want to marry me?”

Cary says it’s work that’s causing him issues as he’s finding trouble picking his next project and assures her everything is ok between them.

The episode ends with Dyan saying she has something for Cary. She reveals she’s pregnant. Cary is in total shock and falls backward into the pool.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on the ups and downs of Cary and Dyan’s relationship, and how his mother has entered into Cary’s thought process.

It continues to be an interesting deep-dive into the private life of one of the Hollywood greats, but it feels like it can’t decide which aspect of his life is the best part to focus on, coming across like a mish-mash of a few things, skipping back and forward in time. However, it still entertains with the drama between Cary and Dyan reaching a fever pitch by the end.

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