Arcane – Season 1 Episode 6 “When These Walls Come Tumbling Down” Recap & Review

When These Walls Come Tumbling Down

Episode 6 of Arcane Season 1 starts with another flashback, this time with Viktor’s past. It also seems to be the beginning of his affliction too, given the poisonous gasses in the fissures he grew up with.

Fast forward to the present and Viktor is despairing after his prognosis. As Heimerdinger shows up, he reminds the scientist gently that “those who shine brightest often fade fastest.”

Now, Viktor’s flashes have been a crucial part of his research and as he approaches the hex, blood spatters on the table, he reaches out. Now, it seems like the hex is transmuting, as sprouts and roots protrude up from its core. He and Jayce both deduce that if they can harness this power they could well reverse what’s happening to Viktor. But of course, time is of the essence.

When Heimerdinger sees the Hexcore (what Viktor is calling this evolution), he immediately realizes its danger and urges them to destroy it. He warns that this is dangerous stuff and the magic could well lead them down a dark and treacherous path.

Down in the Under City, Jinx learns that trouble’s brewing with Sevika. After tying her up and tricking the woman, Jinx demands to know what’s going on. And just like that, Sevika opens up and reveals that Vi is back. She also mentions her working with an enforcer too. This inevitably gets under Jinx’s skin.

With Vi still alive, Silco turns his attention to Marcus. He pays Marcus’s daughter a visit, pointing out those mistakes he’s conducted. Of course, this is a passive aggressive move on his part to force Marcus’s hand. In other words, if he doesn’t comply and work to track down Vi then his child will meet a horrible fate.

Elsewhere, Caitlyn helps Vi out. She clutches her gut in pain, but it doesn’t stop her from descending deeper than we’ve seen before. These poor people are lower than the Under City and cower at the sign of light, especially if Caitlyn’s flashlight is anything to go by.

While Vi recovers from her injuries, Caitlyn descends out into the dark, trading her rifle for crucial medicine to heal Vi’s wounds.

Meanwhile, Jayce gives the order to have everyone searched on the bridges into the city. It’s a big call, one that’s certain to ruffle feathers, but the deed is carried out. Jayce goes one step further though, enacting a ruse at the council and getting rid of Heimerdinger. The vote is unanimous.

Down in the Undercity, Vi recovers from her wounds but she’s suddenly surrounded by Silco and his men. Caitlyn and Vi manage to escape, knocking down a massive wooden structure that distracts them long enough to slip away. Jinx though, lights a blue flare in the distance and stands tall, the ghosts of her past still hanging heavy on her conscience.

There’s a beautiful montage that ensues here; a haunting reminder of the tragedies that have befallen our characters, as Vi and Caitlyn scramble away to safety. They follow the smoke and head up to see Jinx.

There’s a touching reunion between Vi and Powder here, but as they hug it out things take a nasty turn when Jinx notices Caitlyn. She believes Vi is making a play for the gemstone and brandishes her minigun. With things at a standoff, they’re all surprised by the sudden arrival of the Firelights. Whizzing in on their hoverboards, they appear in their numbers and attack the trio. While Vi fights for her life, Jinx seems to enjoy it, giggling to herself with every gunshot and blow.

Unfortunately, in the wake of all this chaos, the Gemstone and Vi are both taken by the Firelights. As they disappear from view, Jinx realizes what’s happened and screams to the heavens.

The Episode Review

The middle chapters of Arcane come to a close with a big cliffhanger, one that leaves the door wide open for the final three episodes. The Firelights have certainly made their presence felt and that looks set to be bad news for everyone. The fact that they now have the Gemstone too looks like it could prove vital for the upcoming fight ahead.

Now, that fight looks like it’s going to be caused by Jayce messing about with this Hexcore, which Heimerdinger has obviously foreseen and understands the dangers this magic can cause across Piltover. Unfortunately, the others are too blinded by their own greed and desires to heed his warning. With Heimerdinger gone from the Council, that lonely voice of reason has been extinguished and with it, seemingly any hope of saving Piltover.

The ending leaves the door wide open for where the next batch of episodes will go, which promise to be quite the dramatic affair.

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