A Quiet Place (2018) Ending Explained – Do the Abbott family survive?

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Plot Synopsis

In a post-apocalyptic world, blind but noise-sensitive aliens are hell-bent on wiping the human race off the face of the earth. Knowing a little noise can be a cause of death, the Abbott family pull out all stops to maintain absolute silence. But will their efforts be enough to save them from these bloodthirsty beasts?

The Abbott family – father Lee, mother Evelyn, deaf daughter Regan, and sons Marcus and Beau  -are taking extreme precautions to save each other from the deadly creatures. They lay down paths of sand, walk barefoot, and most of their conversations happen in sign language. Despite the precautionary steps, the hardships just keep escalating.

The toy spaceship tragedy

The Abbott family is away from their isolated farm at an abandoned store to collect supplies – where Beau picks up a toy spaceship. Fearing it would make noise, Lee puts it back. In a loving gesture, Regan secretly gives the toy back to Beau without batteries.

Beau, however, manages to sneak in the batteries. While the family is on their way back to the farm, Beau turns on the toy – which starts making noise. Before Lee can do anything to save Beau, the creature kills him at the speed of lightning. The scene turns pitch dark.

A Quiet Place

Learning to live with hardships

Roughly one year after Beau’s death, the family appears to be getting the hang of apocalyptic life. Evelyn is pregnant with her next child. The family has built a secure shelter – keeping intelligent safety measures in place. However, the state of tranquillity doesn’t last long.

Lee and Marcus are out fishing. Regan who couldn’t join them instead visits Beau’s grave. While everybody is out, Evelyn goes into labour. Struggling to find a safe spot, she accidentally drops a photo frame, attracting the creature’s attention.

She turns on the red lights around the house to alert her family. But, she soon discovers that one of the beasts has already entered the house. However, she manages to distract it, getting into a bathtub to give birth. Meanwhile, Lee and Marcus notice the red light and rush to save Evelyn.

After setting off the fireworks to deter the creature, Lee takes the newborn baby and Evelyn into the basement. The baby’s crying alerts the creature, and it follows the voice into the basement.

A Quiet Place

Why does Lee sacrifice himself?

Alerted by the fireworks, Regan rushes back to the house to join Lee and Marcus in keeping the creature at bay. Regan gets on top of a silo with Marcus. After Marcus accidentally falls down, Regan jumps to rescue him. Guided by the noise, the creature attacks the siblings. Regan makes a high-pitched noise with a cochlear implant that hurts the monster’s sensitive ears.

Lee arrives just in time and asks Regan and Marcus to get into a nearby truck. The creature attacks Lee. Seeing Lee getting hurt, Marcus screams in fear causing the creature to attack the truck they are in.

Realizing the lives of his kids are in danger, Lee gets up and tells Regan that he has always loved her before screaming at the top of his lungs. The creature immediately kills Lee – while Regan and Marcus manage to drive back to the house.

Can the aliens be defeated?

At the house, the family scramble into the basement, but a creature is already there. Regan notices evidence that her father was working on cochlear implants to treat her hearing.

As a creature approaches, Regan hits her cochlear implant on the guitar amp causing immense pain to it. Taking the opportunity, Evelyn shoots the creature – killing it instantly. As two more creatures approach the house, Evelyn and Regan look at each other and smile with confidence. Regan is ready with the microphone while Evelyn brandishes her shotgun.

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