Apples Never Fall – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Episode 5

Episode 5 kicks off with Troy reflecting on the past, recalling how he used to train with Harry. Troy has always felt overshadowed by his father’s favouritism towards Harry, even when he was in the right. One time, Stan even slapped Troy when he confronted Harry for cheating. This incident led to Stan losing Harry as his pupil, and he somehow always held Troy responsible for it.

In the present, Elena and her partner drop a bombshell on Stan and Brooke, revealing that they were under Savannah’s surveillance from the start. Savannah also had a substantial amount of cash after leaving their home. Elena’s gaze falls on Brooke, who denies giving Savannah any money, as her business is barely staying afloat. However, Stan shifts the blame from himself to Troy and urges Elena to question him instead.

Meanwhile, Stan takes a bold step and confesses his love for Lucia, his boss’s wife, by gifting her an expensive necklace and asking her to be with him. It’s revealed that Stan and Julia have been having a secret affair for almost a year now.

The scene then shifts to the past, where Savannah tries to manipulate Joy against Stan by claiming that he saw her naked in the kitchen, making her feel vulnerable. Stan realizes Savannah means trouble and urges his wife to let her go, but she refuses. Troy, Stan’s eldest son, also offers Savannah $10,000 to help her get back on her feet and move out of his parents’ house. However, Savannah demands $40,000 in cash, threatening to reveal Troy’s affair with his boss’s wife if he doesn’t comply.

In the present, we find out that Lucia has ended her relationship with Monty and has also confessed to sleeping with someone else. Eventually, Troy feels guilty and admits that he’s the one who’s been sleeping with Lucia. This disclosure devastates Monty, who breaks down and punches Troy, feeling betrayed despite the fatherly love he had for him.

Soon after, Lucia also ends things with Troy, making it clear that their relationship is over. Later, Elena pays Troy a visit at his home, questioning why he paid Savannah money. However, Troy deflects the question, stating that he’d rather explain why he believes his father, Stan, is responsible for Joy’s disappearance.

Troy reveals that despite paying Savannah off, she reneges on her promise to leave and instead instigates a fight between Troy and Stan. Stan, in turn, blames Troy for his ruined career. Joy then admits that she was the one who called Harry’s father, asking him to fire Stan.

Meanwhile, Logan meets with Brooke and shows her footage from the marina, which shows his father dragging a heavy bag to Logan’s rental boat on the night Joy disappeared. He asks Brooke to accompany him to the police station to turn in the footage. As the episode winds down, Troy pays Stan a visit and confesses that he’s spilled everything, even revealing why Stan harboured such strong resentment towards Joy. But as soon as Troy departs, Stan is struck by a sudden, sharp pain in his heart and collapses in the backyard of his house.

The Episode Review

The show keeps getting better and more complex with each passing episode. At one point, it suggests that Savannah is to blame for the chaos in the Delaney family, but in the next moment, we see hints that Stan may have a role to play in it as well.

By persuading Harry’s father to remove Stan as the coach, Joy not only betrays her husband but also destroys the career he has dedicated his entire life to.

Furthermore, Stan has been harbouring a grudge against Troy for nineteen years because he believed that it was due to Troy that he never got to witness Harry win the grand slam with him as his coach.

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