Appendage (2023) Ending Explained – Does Hannah defeat her appendage?

Appendage Plot Synopsis

Newly released to Hulu, Appendage is a horror film from director Anna Zlokovic. It follows fashion designer Hannah’s (Hadley Robinson) anxiety-ridden life. As she wrestles with trust issues and work deadlines, Hannah’s anxieties manifest into a grotesque creature that sprouts from the birthmark on her side. The appendage preys on all her self-doubts, becoming stronger as it does so.

Where did Hannah’s appendage come from?

After the appendage climbs out of Hannah’s body, Hannah has a doctor inspect her resulting wound. The doctor notices it’s centered on her birthmark and remarks that this could have something to do with Vanishing Twin Syndrome. This leaves Hannah wondering if twins can grow back.

She finds out more when she discovers an underground support group for people like her. They all have chimeras/appendages, and they instruct Hannah to keep hers locked up and sedated.

Does the appendage defeat Hannah?

Hannah keeps her appendage locked up in her basement, as instructed. But her new friend Claudia, from the support group, lets her in on a secret. She says the things the appendages say are actually prophetic, and Hannah should try listening. 

Hannah does try it, but this allows the appendage to attack her self-confidence and momentarily hypnotize her. It turns out that Claudia was an appendage all along, as were other members of the support group. Claudia and Hannah’s appendage work together to tie up Hannah. As Hannah grows weaker, the appendage grows stronger and comes to look exactly like Hannah.

How does Appendage end?

Hannah’s appendage wants to get rid of Hannah, but it first needs someone else to feed on, and it settles on Hannah’s boyfriend, Kaelin. Meanwhile, Hannah’s best friend Esther finds out that something is duplicating Hannah’s appearance when she notices Hannah’s tattoo is missing.

Esther frees Hannah, and they then defeat Claudia and the Hannah doppelgänger before they are able to kill Kaelin. But Hannah knows that if she keeps her appendage sedated, she’ll never feel like herself again.

Hannah decides it’s time to start taking care of herself and her appendage. Appendage ends with she and Esther starting their own design business, from which Hannah takes frequent breaks so she can check on her appendage, which she cares for like a baby.

What is the message of Appendage?

Despite the film’s emphasis on body horror, Appendage concludes with a sweet message. When Hannah pricked her finger at the beginning of the movie, she wasn’t taking care of herself. That’s what allowed the appendage, a manifestation of all the anxieties and trauma in her life, to take advantage of her.

But at the end of the film, Hannah takes a different approach. When pricking her finger again, she stops working and goes up to the attic, where she’s keeping her appendage. She checks on the appendage and cares for it like it’s her child. This is a call to take care of oneself and to heal the inner child within oneself.


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