A Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Earth Joins His First Party

Episode 2 of A Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life begins with Taichi reflecting on the changes brought about by the NPC medicine shortage update.

Entering the game, Earth gets invited and introduced to Zwei’s guild. Initially, Earth finds the guild to be unbalanced, until Nora explains their abilities. Tanker acquaints him with the objective of the day, Wild Bear Hunting. Zwei claims Earth will ensure their hunt and then cook the bear meat for them.

The group heads out hunting, and Earth spots two wild bears with his long-distance vision. Millie then casts the buff spell while Earth splits using his sneak skill. He uses a hawkshot to shoot the bear, which enrages it. Tanker steps in to distract the wild bear while Earth escapes. 

Millie pitches in by healing Tanker and Nora uses back stab. Zwei and Kazamine’s swords are not able to penetrate the bear’s skin. Just then Mille uses Fire Lance, but only enrages the bear. All of them make combined use of their attacks, allowing Earth to send an arrow right between the bear’s eyes.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t take the bear down. Earth uses the Secare Ventus and kicks the arrow further into the bear’s skull, followed by a Flaming Lance attack by Millie. This eliminates the bear.

The same evening, the group relishes bear meat prepared by Earth. Nora asks Earth about the price of the recipe, but Earth declines, claiming craftsmen do not share recipes for certain reasons. Realizing they will never be able to cook as well, Zwei claims Earth will cook for them for very cheap. The guild members are very happy with Earth and send him friend requests.

Earth respawns in the city after heading out hunting and getting attacked by a swarm of giant ants. The players receive a message about a major update called The Fairy Ball, adding more skills, arts, and items to craft. Earth realizes he has to preserve his life and avoid penalties. 

Earth then goes on to learn the blacksmith skill and makes an arrowhead that can pierce through a rock ant’s skin. He also arms his boots with blades and spikes. He heads over to Myun to buy bow strings.

Earth decides to specialize, knowing he has reached level 30 in archery, and analyzes the different bows. Earth builds a unique bow, calling it the X-type compound hunting bow. He then heads out and uses the bow and arrows to kill multiple rock ants. An announcement is made marking the start of the fairy ball competition.

Earth comes across the contact crystal. Unfortunately, when he tries to make a contract, it cracks right in front of his eyes. Zwei and the others show him the fairies he acquired from the contract and encourage him, saying there is a second half as well. The fairies flock around him, rendering the others jealous of him.

The Episode Review

This episode focuses on another adventure on Earth where he joins a guild and accomplishes an objective with them. The episode features a fiery battle of the entire guild against a wild bear. It also features a short adventure Earth goes on, revealing more species of wild animals present in the anime.

The chapter goes all in on emulating practices of MMO games with The Fairy Ball event. MMO games also have a fairly wide range of customizability, but crafting a weapon to one’s exact will is never possible. However, we can say that the game is rather futuristic in that aspect. Although, it’s interesting to see how the anime keeps itself rooted in the game and doesn’t let viewers confuse it for the real world at any point.

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