A Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

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Episode 1 of A Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life commences with the introduction of Taichi Tanaka who expresses his wish to detach from the real world and hops into a VRMMO game where he names himself “Earth” and tries to pick the most irrelevant skills to keep him from making any friends and enemies. He logs into the game for the first time. 

He describes the game as an open-world game very similar to real life. Upon entering the game, he sees some of the top players in the game. Just then, he gets pushed by a much higher-ranked player who makes fun of his bow and kicks him down.

Earth proceeds to go to the training hall and practice archery. He starts on a bad note but improves as he levels up with practice. He goes on to train every skill he has selected, bringing them to a good level.

Heading out, he finds a huge crowd of players trying to hunt and decides to go pick herbs instead. Being unable to identify them, he collects them for appraisal later. Unfortunately, the herbs disappear before he is able to identify them, leaving him with one white flower, which is toxic and must be avoided.

Later that day, he purchases a beginner portion-making kit and makes common healing portions such as the Common Anti-Poison Portions with it, thus increasing his medicine skill and production fingertips.

He then goes hunting and sees that the area has cleared out. He takes aim with his bow at a rabbithorn, who turns around to attack him despite being shot in the paw. Earth then resorts to using a kick to eliminate it and collect resources.

Zwei and Millie watch him kill the rabbithorn, and Zwei approaches him, laughing at the funny sound the rabbithorn makes. They offer to be his friends, and he accepts the requests. Earth then continues hunting and also uses his wind spell, does a couple of sneak attacks, and does a critical hit. Taichi then closes for the day and goes to bed to wake up for work the next morning. 

The next day, Taichi resumes the game and munches on some bread purchased from the NPCs but finds the bread fairly bland. He goes on the purchase a beginner’s Cooking Kit and prepares a steak on it. Unfortunately, the steak is tough and scores only 2. He begins to prepare another steak, but this time with cuts across the meat which turns out to be much better than the previous one. 

He attempts to make another steak, but this time by parboiling it before frying. The steak turns out to be amazing with a score of 7 and attracts several people demanding it. He decides to charge them a hundred gloh per steak and a long queue lines up to purchase. As Earth’s cooking skill increases he is able to cook much faster and makes a fortune selling the steak.

Later that day, he crafts a Beginner’s Wooden Crafted Bow. He then creates a Prototype Compound Wood Bow for himself using 3 planks of wood and ends up with a score of 5 and an attack of 12. He heads to the store and purchases armor. He then hurries to deposit his rabbithorn stakes and grape portions in a vending machine.

He then heads out to hunt with his new equipment. He uses his abilities to take down wolves, giant spiders, and giant worms to improve his skills and collect valuable resources. He returns to see that his resources from the vending machine were sold.

He also realizes the village is in chaos and gets to know the NPCs have stopped selling portions. He gets in contact with Zwei and gets confirmation of the same. They agree to help him make and sell portions and arrive at the scene. 

Earth decides to charge the players a price of 40 gloh each, with a maximum order of 5. Zwei manages the crowd, and Millie agrees to handle the cash as they sell. The three make a fortune out of the business idea and wind up for the day. 

Just then, Ward appears and demands Earth to hand over all the healing portions he has. Ward declines telling him it will be unfair to all the players who stood in line. This enrages Ward and he challenges Earth to a 1v1. Earth accepts the challenge despite Zwei’s opposition.

A fight breaks out and Earth secures the win by simply dodging Ward’s sword, kicking him in the head and shooting an arrow to his neck. The audience cheers Earth for his victory and Taichi turns off the game for the day. After turning it off, he gets a message from Zwei asking him to join his party.

The Episode Review

A Playthrough of a Certain Dude’s VRMMO Life episode 1 opens with an astounding presentation of every gamer’s ultimate dream: An escape from reality where the stakes are almost nonexistent and one gets to virtually create his own goals to chase. The chapter creates a virtual fantasy land, and for now, only reveals the fun side of a novice making small achievements that still significantly boost his abilities.

It also has an interesting take on how certain jobs can be underestimated but are quite economically viable due to scarcity in their respective fields. This anime’s setup serves as an experimental ground for a plethora of real-world principles spanning sociology, economics, and psychology, offering the creators a wide range of subjects to explore.

As of now, the anime has refrained from unveiling an ultimate objective. However, it might culminate in Earth’s pursuit to max out his stats or take on some of the highest-rank players. Well, it could also be one in which a new day is a new story. Regardless, of how the anime has been presented we can expect the journey to be quite interesting. 


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