A Perfect Story – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

We Won’t Look For Each Other

Episode 1 of A Perfect Story begins and Margot , the vice president of the Ortega organization, is presented to us. We learn that Margot devoted months to a project in order to improve the image of the company. We quickly understand that she and Filippo are set to get married soon.

However, she experiences a panic attack on the day of her wedding. Filippo, her partner, is unable to make her feel better. Following this, she is left alone in her bedroom to relax. Shortly after, she decides to run away. She gets out of the bedroom, leaving Filippo at the wedding venue.

They meet soon after. She apologizes to him and requests that they make things right. However, he informs her of his intention to spend some time in Italy because he is understandably upset with her. She is upset given that her fiance has left for Italy and is angry with her. As a consequence, Patricia and Candela, Margot’s siblings, reassure and comfort her.

David, who seems to be our male protagonist, is in a relationship with Idoia. He resides with his companion Ivan and his partner Domi in an apartment while working three freelance gigs. His close companions believe Idoia is manipulating him because she frequently makes promises about seeing him before breaking them.

Idoia ends their relationship when they see each other the following day. She argues that she cannot be with a man who behaves like a child and who requires constant reassurance. Following that, David who is hurt walks out of the cafe.

To help Margot calm down, her sisters decide to take her out. Shortly after, while having fun in a pub, they connect with David who works at the bar where they are drinking. Patricia, Margot’s sister, begins to flirt with him while under the influence. Shortly after, she leaves her cell phone in the pub as she heads out. However, David finds the phone and keeps it safe with him.

Margot goes to the pub the following morning to get Patricia’s cell phone. As soon as she meets David, she starts talking to him. Idoia suddenly shows up. Margot figures out that he intends to return Idoia’s belongings while also making her feel envious. Margot goes along with the play and says she is going on a date with David. She even adds that they are going to travel to Greece. Her efforts pay off as Idoia appears jealous.

After Idoia leaves, David and Margot have an awkward moment while exchanging cellphone numbers. Following that, he requests her to get in touch with him if she ever wants to discuss why they both appear sad.

The Episode Review

The episode gives us a glimpse into the lives of the primary characters and introduces them to us. The show presents the protagonists and lays the groundwork for the plot’s development.

The episode is mildly entertaining, and up until this point, at least, none of the characters have particularly charming traits. The protagonists, both male and female, are depicted as weak individuals. We sincerely hope that the show allows the characters to grow.

Margot and David exchange phone numbers at the end of the episode, despite the fact that she is engaged. The direction the show is taking seems to be morally questionable. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, though.


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