Anxious People – Season 1 Episode 4 “The Eighth Person” Recap & Review

The Eighth Person

Episode 4 of Anxious People begins with the attention shifting across to Julia and her whirlwind romance with Ro. Eventually this culminates in the pair out looking at an apartment but Ro is not exactly enthused with the idea. That same apartment, of course, that the pair ended up being hostages in.

Back in the present, Julia is interviewed by Jack, but it doesn’t bring up much in the way of new clues. The only thing to go on here is that Julia believes Ro was cheating on her. During their interview, Ro rings Roger and tells him everything is coming unraveled, asking to meet.

Now, it turns out that day during the hostage situation, Roger and Ro got talking in the kitchen. There’s nothing going on between them but the pair did strike a nice bond, something that echoes through to the present. Ro is worried about becoming a new parent while Roger does his best to reassure her that she’ll do just fine.

Those worries manifest quickly as Julia’s water breaks midway through her interview. Jim hurries off to see Ro, breaking the news, as everyone scrambles to the hospital.

When Roger returns home, he confronts Anna-Lena and learns she doesn’t actually like renovating apartments. Teary-eyed, Roger is shocked. However, it does open their relationship to more honesty, as they settle on watching a movie at the cinema instead.

Meanwhile, Jim and Jack may well have hit a breakthrough. Jack realizes that the robber may well be one of the hostages in disguise, a woman by the name of Maria. She’s the real estate agent but no one actually mentioned her in the interviews thus far. With her finances a disaster, and a solid motive for robbing the bank, Jack believes this is the woman they’re after.

The Episode Review

What on earth was that? Where is the mystery? The entire episode turns into a soap opera love story between two supporting characters we really don’t need to know anything about.

Given the short run-time off this season, this chapter feels like unnecessary filler. To be honest, the mystery is starting to wane now too.

Hopefully things pick up but with only two more episodes to go, this one will need to make some pretty drastic changes to really stand out, especially next to so many other crime dramas out there.

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