Anxious People – Season 1 Episode 3 “Who Said It Has to Be Easy?” Recap & Review

Who Said It Has to Be Easy?

Episode 3 of Anxious People shifts the focus across to Zarah. With Jim sitting in and listening, Jack tries to understand why Zarah, a worker at the bank, showed up at the apartment around the same time as the robber. It’s certainly suspicious and flashbacks reveal more of what’s going on here.

Zarah appeared at the apartment, pretending to be a real estate agent. In reality, she has personal ties to this flat as it seems to be connected to the man who commit suicide at the start of the season. The same man who Jack saw jump.

As we find out later in the episode, this guy came to Zarah in the midst of the financial crisis gripping the country, desperate for a loan and being denied. Since his death, Zarah has been obsessed with finding out who he is, with a notebook detailing everything about him, wracked with guilt.

Zarah showing at the apartment was a complete coincidence to the robber, who held her up at gunpoint and forced her into this hostage situation.

Zarah actually ended up befriending Lennart that day. She helped remove his bunny helmet and the pair ended up talking in the bathroom. The pair discuss the current financial crisis and scoff at the bizarre situation they’ve been placed in.

Fast forward and Zarah is stressed, trying to keep her head down and work. Lennart though shows up to see her. Only, their chat is misconstrued by Jack who happens to be passing after their earlier interview. He claims Zarah has been lying, especially saying she didn’t know any of the hostages, as the truth is revealed. The pair instead bite back and quiet Jack down, eventually heading out for a date.

In the wake of this, flashbacks reveal that the gunshot in the apartment was an accident. As all the hostages began bonding, they queried together just why the robber hasn’t actually made any demands yet, which is a little odd.

That night, Jill arrives and stays with Jack and Jim. In the morning, Jim finds his father’s wallet missing along with Jill and her things. It’s clear she only showed up to take their money and is now gone. Jim is hesitant to incriminate her but Jack is livid.

At the station, more bad news is thrown their way when pregnant Julia rushes in and confirms that Ro has gone missing too.

The Episode Review

Zarah’s inclusion at the apartment now makes a lot more sense while the interesting dynamic between her and Lennart comes into focus for this chapter. There’s a nice ebb and flow to this, diving back into flashbacks without relying on silly jokes like the first episode did. It was a bit try-hard and chaotic, with these later chapters actually settling down and focusing on the mystery a lot more.

As these episodes tick by though, it’s becoming increasingly likely that Jill is the one involved in the robbery and the one responsible, especially if Jack’s suspicious behaviour is anything to go by.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see if this theory comes to fruition, and whether there are any other twists in the tale to come!

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