Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania (2023) Ending Explained – Does anyone die at the end?

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Plot Synopsis

The story is much more an Ant family title than a solo Antman movie though, as we pick up with Scott Lang butting heads with his teenage daughter Cassie. She’s recently been arrested for fighting with the police, using her father’s tech to shrink police cars in an effort to stave off peaceful protests regarding homelessness and rising rent.

However, she’s also something of a scientist herself, as she’s worked with Hank to create a device that will allow them to map the Quantum Realm.

With Janet having recently returned from the Quantum Realm, she and Hope attempt to rekindle their relationship. Hope is now a bigshot philanthropist, winning awards while doing what she can to try and provide affordable housing for everyone.

The family end up getting sucked into the Quantum Realm, where they learn there’s more than a dull, murky brown wasteland and an array of freedom fighters here. There’s also whispers of Kang the Conqueror, a maniacal being that intends to take over the multiverse.

Does Kang launch his army?

Kang looks close to launching his army but Cassie and Jentorra (the leader of the resistance) infiltrate the signal. She gets the message out that Kang is not invincible and she rallies everyone together to fight back against Kang’s forces. She tells them all to head to the tower as their last stand.

Scott and Hope show up just as MODOK does too. MODOK and Cassie fight but before Cassie can get hit badly, a super giant Antman arrives in the city and demands Kang fulfill his side of the bargain and give Cassie back. He stomps through the city, destroying buildings and killing soldiers. Wasp joins in too, as they’re joined by the resistance, rallied by Cassie’s battle cry.

CAssie makes herself huge and takes out MODOK, knocking him down and telling Darren to stop being a killing machine. “Stop being a dick. It’s never too late to stop being a dick.” She says, leaving MODOK a broken mess on the bridge.

How is Kang stopped?

The entire group charge on the tower, where Janet stumbles out the rubble and Kang is forced to watch his empire go up inflames. “It’s never over,” Kang says. He heads out the safety of the tower and begins killing people on the ground, including several B-list players from the resistance we met earlier.

Kang then squares off against Scott, Hope and Cassie, who triple team him. The ants, led by Hank, show up and overrun the place, destroying everything. Kang manages to hold them off with his forcefield but a redemptive MODOK (now going by Darren) jumps in and breaks his forcefield, claiming he’s not a dick anymore. The ants decimate this version of Kang and leave him a broken mess.

Is Kang killed?

MODOK dies but there’s a big joke around this as Darren lifts up his hand and touches Scott’s cheek. In his final moments, MODOK decides that he can now die having become an Avenger. It’s an awkward moment, with numerous hesitant glances around, before MODOK dies.

As the battle rages on, Scott and Kang trade blows as Cassie and Hank manage to escape the Quantum Realm. With Scott looking down and out, Hope returns to the Quantum Real to save Antman as the pair work together to destroy the Multiversal Engine.

With the Pym particle discs at hand, Hope kicks Kang into the engine where he’s obliterated completely, seemingly killing him outright.

Does Cassie save the day?

Cassie uses her brilliance to get them out, sending a signal to help hone their location and bring the pair back to their realm. “Let’s go home.”¬†And so Scott returns to Earth and he’s back living a humble life.

However, Scott contemplates whether Kang is actually defeated or not. He suddenly realizes that something worse is coming now that Kang has been stopped… “You know what, it’s probably fine.” Scott says to himself and heads off for Cassie’s birthday. It’s not actually her birthday though, but Scott wanted to celebrate those moments he’s missed.

Is there a post-credit scene?

Yes! Stick around for this one as there are two post-credit scenes. The first shows the council that originally exiled Kang to the Quantum Realm. They’re all Variants of Kang, dressed in an array of different gear, and united in a temporal council to decide the fate of the Multiverse.

Hundreds of Kangs are summoned, some of which acting crazed in the crowds around the Coliseum, as they’re summoned to discuss how the Avengers of Earth-616 are meddling the Multiverse and may prove to be dangerous to their plans.

Quite what these plans are remain a mystery but it might have something to do with “conquering”!

The second scene sets up Loki season 2. We arrive in what looks to be the 1920’s with a man named Victor Timely (played by Jonathan Majors). This appears to be another Kang variant, and he conducts a presentation for a science experiment.

When the camera switches to the crowd, Loki and Mobius happen to be watching. Loki tells Mobius that Timely is the most powerful man he’s ever encountered, giving a nod back to the Disney+ series. It would appear that this moment is further along the timeline, with Loki and Mobius potentially tracking the guy down through time.



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