Another Life – Season 2 Episode 3 “My Own Worst Enemy” Recap & Review

My Own Worst Enemy

Episode 3 of Another Life Season 2 begins with the Achaian swarm swirling around Cas and transporting her into a vision of her own. Niko makes it aboard her shuttle though, just as Ava appears again and claims that Cas is about to get everything she wants. With Niko stuck on her ship, they’re going after the Salvare while she’s indisposed.

The Achaian continue to have their way with Cas in the meantime though, conjuring forth images to convince her to stay in this hallucination. Niko takes drastic measures, deciding to blow up the vessel and cause an explosion. The Achaian are having none of it though and decide to step up their plans to take out Niko.

On the Salvare, Javier begins experiencing nasty pins and needles up and down his leg. Removing his neural inhibitor, Javier encourages Iara to connect with him in order to remove the implant. In doing so, it sends ripples out across the galaxy, straight to the Achaian ship which completely disintegrates Ava before she kills Niko. Well, that was lucky!

The Salvare pick up readings of this anomaly and how a magnetar has conjured nearby. Now, according to some research online, it’s a star with a massively powerful magnetic field, about a trillion times stronger than Earth’s. It’s also one of the most magnetic stars in the universe.

Current predictions also claim that if you get within 600 miles of one, it would completely upset your bioelectricity and molecular structure, causing you to just dissolve on the spot.

So naturally when the Salvare shows up, it has absolutely no effect on them.

Back on Earth, Eric is captured by a bunch of masked figures who claim to be resistance fighters, accusing him of working with the Achaia. Eric is warned not to engage or communicate with the Achaia, giving humanity a choice to either accept and die or resist and endure.

Returning to The Salvare, Richard makes a bold decision to leave Niko and Cas behind. Wait, didn’t they literally just head back to save – or at least try to find – them? Just before the ship leaves once more, Cas manages to use the radio from inside the destroyed shuttle and communicate with The Salvare.

Just before Cas and Niko leave, the Achaian ask for protection and peace. They promise not to cause any trouble, as the gang make it aboard the ship. They set up a tether to move the Achaians and with the magnetar blasting out pulses, manage to jump just in time. Only, the tether suddenly breaks, severing the bond and allowing the magnetar rip everything apart – including the Achaians.

With The Salvare safe for now, Niko and the others contemplate who could have been responsible… and settle on Iara being the most likely.

The Episode Review

So Niko and Cas manage to make it back aboard The Salvare after some doubts from Richard over exactly what he’s doing. Anyway, it would seem as if Iara has completely betrayed Niko and the crew, leaving the Achaian to die. This does look like it’s going to cause major consequences for the earthlings now after letting these guys die. However, let us not forget the utterly incredulous situation involving the magnetar here.

It took me all of 10 minutes to research about magnetars and their crazy power, but yet all of this drama in space was filmed with no foresight to work out what the consequences would be to have this star so close by. Anyway, it’s another egregious example of the shaky science this show works with and it’s immersion-breaking at its worst – especially as this show loves throwing big sciencey monologues our way from time to time!

Another Life has been a mixed bag at best, and although it is actually quite enjoyable to watch, these science-defying moments are difficult to sit through. Either way, those who have stuck with this thus far will undoubtedly be eager to jump into the next episode, which leaves things wide open for the rest of the season.

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