Anjunabeats Worldwide 06 (Mixed By Jason Ross) – Album Review


Track List

Begin Again – Jason Ross
You’ll Know – Grum
Legacy – Tuskana
SOS – ilan Bluestone & Grum
Universal – Maor Levi
Another Chance (Above & Beyond Club Mix) – Above & Beyond pres. OceanLab
Lose Yourself – Genix & Sue McLaren
Aeons – Sunny Lax
Anybody – Fatum vs. Judah
Follow The Light – Arty & Andrew Bayer
Made Of Fire – Maor Levi feat. Mangal Suvarnan
Creation (Jason Ross Remix) – Seven Lions feat. Vök
Amun – ilan Bluestone & Jason Ross
Glorious (Jason Ross Remix) – Arty
Memory Lane – Kyau & Albert
Me Tonight – Jason Ross feat. Lauren Ray
Meta – Jason Ross & ilan Bluestone



Anjunabeat’s newest star Jason Ross takes the helm for the 6th instalment of the Worldwide series and with it, a burst of heavy hitting euphoric trance and EDM. While there’s no denying that some of these tracks are uplifting and encapsulate some of the biggest anthems in trance for 2016, questionable track placement and a distinct move away from the usual Anjuna sound makes Worldwide 06 one of the weakest albums to be released on the label.

Anjunabeats Worldwide 06 begins much the same way it begins, with Jason Ross’ original productions easing into the euphoric sound that grips the album. The first few songs do ease into the familiar tone the album adopts throughout with Begin Again followed harmonically with Grum’s You’ll Know. From here, the album slams its way through a relentless euphoric journey into the heart of uplifting trance that’s featured heavily in stadiums and sets around the world. Stand outs here include Another Chance, Aeons and Follow The Light which are easily the biggest hands-in-the-air anthems but their power is somewhat diminished by the onslaught of uplifting tracks around them.

The mixing is still pretty good although some of the transitions feel a little abrupt and tonally jarring, especially the mixing between Kyau & Albert’s beautiful vocal track Memory Lane. Anjunabeats have always had solid track listings that tell a musical journey through the heart of different trance sub genres but this seems lost with Worldwide 06.

That’s not to say the album isn’t enjoyable, quite the opposite. Anjunabeats remains at the forefront of all things trance and those looking for a full-on euphoric burst through the heart of floor-filling anthems will absolutely adore this album. Much like the A State Of Trance label, Worldwide 06 is relentless in its pursuit of euphoria and there’s certainly a fair amount of goosebump-inducing tracks here. In true Anjuna fashion, a lot of the artists showcased are featured on the Anjuna label themselves too making this another album that does a great job showcasing this diverse talent. It’s just a pity that this great work is undermined by a subjective track listing that makes Worldwide 06 once of the weakest to be released on the label in recent memory.

  • Verdict - 5.5/10