What happened to Angela van den Bogerd? | The Senior PO Employee featured in Mr Bates vs The Post Office

Fact-based drama Mr Bates vs The Post Office retells events related to The British Post Office scandal, which has rightly been called one of the worst miscarriages of justice in British history. 

The series tells the stories of some of the sub-postmasters who were wrongly accused of theft and fraud by Post Office management. In truth, it was an error within the Horizon accounting system rolled out by the Post Office that created cash shortfalls at certain Post Office branches.

One of the central figures in Mr Bates vs The Post Office is Angela van den Bogerd, who is played by Katherine Kelly in the programme. 

Who is Angela van den Bogerd?

Angela van den Bogerd is a businesswoman who had a 33-year career at the Post Office, holding down various roles including Head of Partnerships and Director of Support Services. Her last appointment for the organization was as Business Improvement Director in 2018.

What did Angela van den Bogerd do?

Angela handled complaints about the Horizon computer system from 2010.

From 2014, she also sat on a working committee to deal with the Post Office scandal. 

During her time at the Post Office, she allegedly bullied one sub-postmistress into signing a document stating that she had committed fraud. The lady in question, Jennifer O’Dell, claimed at a public inquiry:

“[She was] demanding that I sign a piece of paper that I had stolen the money. And if I did not they were going to take my home away. They would take me to court.” (source)

When Angela appeared before the High Courts in 2020 to give testimony related to the Post Office scandal, she misled and obfuscated matters, according to Rt Hon Justice Fraser.

What happened to Angela van den Bogerd?

Angela left her job at the Post Office in 2020 and later that year was appointed Head of People at the Football Association of Wales (FAW). She left that position in March 2021 after mounting pressure over her involvement in the Post Office scandal.

According to her LinkedIn page, Angela hasn’t yet taken up a new employment position. 


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