Andor – Season 1 Episode 12 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Rix Road

Episode 12 of Andor begins with Dedra arriving on Ferrix, determined to check up on how they intend to handle the funeral processions. Bix is still being held captive too and it appears – for now at least – she hasn’t compromised the rebellion.

Dedra is escorted by Corv as she’s briefed over the funeral and the area of procession. There’s a maximum of 40 people allowed to attend, increased from 30 thanks to the Daughters of Ferrix.

They contemplate putting snipers in vantage points but Meero refuses, pointing out she wants Cassian alive. As for her superiors, they just want to send a message no matter what.

What happens with Mon? Is her driver a mole?

Mon Mothma is under a lot of stress and it’s made worse by Perrin gambling again. He shrugs it off and claims he’s got it under control, but Mon is worried about the money and where he’s getting the funds from. Despite asking for privacy from their driver, Kloris, he happens to eavesdrop on them. In fact, Kloris is actually working as a mole and feeding information back to the Empire. Interestingly though, it seems like Mon knows and intentionally brings up the gambling issue to throw the Empire off their scent.

Kloris shows up to see Blevin, echoing what Mon and Perrin uttered in the backseat. Blevin wonders whether her words are in relation to gambling debts or Perrin lying. Given their odd financial transactions, Blevin tasks Klorin to continue listening.

Is Andor captured? Or does he remain unseen?

Cassian Andor is already on Ferrix and ready the upcoming funeral, unaware that the Empire lie in wait and are prepared to pounce if they catch sight of him. Andor manages to stay away from the prying eyes of the Imperial soldiers though, and soon learns from Pegla that Bix has been captured and is currently being tortured.

Andor meets Brasso in secret, who relays a message on from Maarve, telling him that she believes Andor is going to be an unstoppable force of good and that she “loves him more than anything he could ever do wrong,” prepared to die for the cause and not give up any information that could incriminate the rebellion.

Does Andor save Bix?

Andor though, refuses to leave Bix to this fate. He grabs a gun and prepares to head out and save her. At the same time, Luthen arrives on the planet and speaks to Vel, updated on the funeral and what will happen should Andor be captured. With a couple of hours to go until the procession, they deduce that the hotel is the best place to look should Andor be grabbed.

However, bells suddenly toll unexpectedly, followed by a marching band. It occurs all over town, with numbers picking up and forcing the Imperial soldiers to scramble into action, determined to get the people off the streets.

Andor happens to be watching from inside and peeks out a window, spying a hooded Luthen in attendance. As the Imperial soldiers all line up and prepare to hold them off, waves of people begin marching toward them. A chant of “stone and sky” echoes in the air, before B2EMO sets up a hologram of Maarva to be projected out to the masses.

What happens at the funeral?

“I’m honoured to be a daughter of Ferrix,” She booms, continuing on to talk about the history of Ferrix and her part to play in this growing rebellion. “I was always waiting to be inspired and now I’m dead. I intend to lift you and allow Ferrix to grow.” Her rousing speech continues, and while her rebellious words reach out to the individuals, telling them to stop sleeping and rise up, those on Ferrix are captivated. This allows Andor time to sneak in to save Bix.

“Fight the Empire,” Maarva finishes, as everything kicks off. Those in the streets begin to riot, leading to one of the men throwing an explosive that sets off a chain reaction of other explosions right the way down the street. A beautiful bit of sound design ensues, as the music cuts out (for a few minutes anyway) and allows the sound of shouts and jeers to fill the air.

In the wake of all this drama and destruction, Cinta stabs Corv, Andor fights his way out the city with Bix, while Dedra is grabbed by Syril and saved from the masses who look set to have their way with her. Luthen, however, happens to be off in the distance watching.

How does Andor season 1 end?

A rabble of survivors makes it to a nearby ship. Andor decides to stay on Ferrix, while he gets Bix, B2EMO and a few other survivors out. He promises to find them all in due time.

Meanwhile, Mon decides to go ahead with her marriage proposal for her daughter to be wed to Davo Sculdun’s son after all, while Luthen speeds away from the city. Heading back on-board his ship, he finds himself in the presence of Cassian Andor.

Andor knows Luthen has been sent to kill him, and the former offers himself willingly. Luthen chuckles incredulously, leading this big stand-off to end on a cliffhanger.

Is there a post-credit sequence?

There is, indeed! During the post-credit sequence, we see droids working on what will eventually become the Death Star.

The Episode Review

Andor’s first season bows out on a high, with plenty of talking points and lots to look forward to in the second season. It’s a pity this show hasn’t had a bigger audience but then again, Disney only have themselves to blame given the way they’ve handled the Star Wars IP over the years.

Andor though has swung between being a slow burn thriller and just a slow burn, and as I’ve said before, it’s one of those shows that would have benefited from releasing several episodes a week to keep interest high.

All the characters have been well fleshed out though, and although Cassian lacks the charisma needed to really pull off the Han Solo-esque role that the creators are clearly going for, the other players involved in this are interesting and have compelling backstories.

With a second season already greenlit, if this is the direction Star Wars us going to go from here on out, we’re all for it!

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  1. In the post credit scene, the droids are building the gun for the Death Star using the pieces that the prisoners were building.

  2. My question is what happened to Andor’s sister? That whole tread was dropped like a bad habit. I know he got busy with other things, but this was important enough for him to be looking. Also wondering if we didn’t see her at one point?

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  4. A few corrections:
    Brasso doesn’t relay Bix’ message but rather Maarva’s to Andor.

    Also it seems like Mon Mothma knows the Imperials are listening to her conversation and she is falsely accusing her husband in order to throw them off her scent.

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