Anberlin – Silverline | Album Review

Track Listing

Two Graves
Nothing Lost
Body Language
Asking For


Anberlin is a legendary act that epitomizes honest song writing with rousing vocal work. Their status as a band hasn’t withered either, as they come back under the limelight, spearheading a new direction as their EP Silverline opens up a new chapter.

These 5 songs all match up and are emotion-filled too. They have the strength to take us through our most hectic days. With heart and soul, they also manage to inspire, generating lasting effects.

The guitars are still optimized. They’re still edgy, composed urgently, never losing momentum. And Anberlin as a collective unit of musicians tackle everything head on, placing layer and layer of hope around their musings.

It’s incredible to think about the popularity of Anberlin’s previous records. They’ve drilled in their music, not with negativity but actual sincerity, and this EP stands up against the prior albums brilliantly well.

Insightful too, the lyrics are thought-provoking as always, naturally engaging and weaved purposefully. The band has embarked on detailing their stories and their world through the written word.

‘Two Graves’ begins the record. It’s a loud offering, with relentless guitar strokes spiking through. The vocal work sparks fury, with desperate tones. The story unfolds as a sombre release. ‘Body Language’ has stored up rage waiting to be unpacked, and the vocals swell up to breaking point. The soft start develops into a louder frequency.

‘Asking For’ is a softer inclusion. The subtle instrumentals decrease the rapid pace previously. Every piece of this song has relevance as the lyrics spell out determination.

Anberlin strike on all fronts. Silverline progressively places them back on the top pedestal with another show-stopping LP.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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