A Model Family – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Sins of a Father

Episode 7 of A Model Family starts with Yong-Soo and Kwang-Chul working together to dispose of a body. We’re in the past and this is the first time they’ve both been tasked with killing a man. However, this also happens to be someone they worked with for a good amount of time. Yong-Soo and Kwang-Chul promise to work together and stick by each other no matter what.

Fast forward to the present and that hasn’t exactly materialized. Kwang-Chul sits down to talk to Yong-Soo, with Kang-Jun barking in his ear the whole time. He’s quick to point out the Sangseon Ring is the only reason Kwang-Chul is still alive. Kwang-Chul beats Kang-Jun to a pulp to prove his point to Yong-Soo, eventually walking away as it seems to sow the seeds of war that are about to explode.

Meanwhile, the sneaky Deuk-Soo heads over to Dong-Ha’s house and makes himself at home. He points out that their parents have lied about his wellbeing and that he’s very much alive. Eun-Joo soon returns home and finds him on the sofa. She’s shocked, especially when he coolly mentions how he’s part of the family.

When Dong-Ha shows up, he demands his grandfather leave. He’s livid at his dad and grabs him round the throat, pushing him off. When Deuk-Soo is taken away by police, Dong-Ha admits to Eun-Joo that his mum did die in an accident but Deuk-Soo is a slimy opportunist. He stole her insurance money and only shows up when he wants money or something from him.

Meanwhile, Kang-Jun is beaten but certainly not out of the fight. He’s dead-set on sparking things up and taking out Kwang-Chul with one fell swoop. While he looks in the mirror and laughs maniacally, Yong-Soo talks business upstairs.

Speaking of which, Joo-Hyun starts to hone in on Dong-Ha and his life, watching his every move and trying to work out what the professor may be hiding. She realizes that his relationship with Kwang-Chul is not as simple as it seems, but she also knows how dangerous this drug ring is. That’s why she’s got Deuk-Soo involved and intends to try and use him to save the family.

Although we’re under the assumption that he only cares about money, when Deuk-Soo is offered a whole stack of cash from Dong-Ha to leave and not return, he chooses to stick around for a week so he can try and find somewhere else to stay. Of course, he also has another motive, which comes from searching around the house for evidence.

Deuk-Soo manages to use Eun-Joo’s phone to make a private call. While pretending to talk to Seok-Joo – loudly so Eu-Joo can hear – he uses his own phone to take a video of her messages, pictures and, of course, the infamous video of her cheating.

Meanwhile, Kwang-Chul receives a message from the Messenger asking him to bring the money to Busan the next day. The time has come, and Kwang-Chul orders his troops to go and collect the money so they can make the trade. The thing is, there are bigger problems afoot. Remember the undercover agent working with the Sangseon Ring?

Well, Joo-Hyun has figured out that there’s also someone working for the drug supplies within the police force. This is why the delivery went awry and also why Han-Cheol was killed.

Things take an even worse turn as the episode closes out. Deuk-Soo, in his desire to do some digging around the house, bites off more than he can chew. He finds the dead bodies buried in the garden and hurriedly rings his son, asking just what’s going on.

The Episode Review

Dong-Ha’s plan has been turned upside down by the arrival of his father, whom we see is quite the swindler and an opportunist crook on his own. Learning a little more about how he connects to the story and ties into Dong-Ha is a nice touch and it allows for the story to flesh out a little further than what we’ve initially seen.

The family drama has been eclipsed slightly by the gangsters and the power struggle about to go down, with the reveal of an undercover agent in the midst likely to cause all sorts of problems.

Everything is starting to ramp up in tension and thrills, leaving the door wide open for the next episode.

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