A Model Family – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Mole

Episode 6 of A Model Family starts with Kwang Chul overhearing Kang-Jun expressing concerns about him to Yong-Soo. With the Sangseon Ring after them and their livelihoods – and lives – on the line, it puts them in a precarious situation.

That situation comes to a head though when Kwang-Chul awakens, bloody and held up by a dangerous guy called The Messenger. He calls Kwang-Chul greedy, and demands to know where the money is. Kwang-Chul tries to strike a deal but that comes to nothing when the guy threatens him with a lighter. He continues to torture Kwang-Chul, demanding he work like a dog and follow their rule. Eventually he agrees.

This is something Dong-Ha has no knowledge of, as he prepares for the drop-off at Incheon Chinatown that day. Funnily enough, Eun-Joo is watching and tails him. As for Dong-Ha, he shows up at the required spot but he’s berated by the client for not going to the parking lot first. He’s led down a dark and ominous corridor and eventually meets a couple of people speaking Russian that happen to be the buyers.

Dong-Ha tries to make the trade but there’s a problem. Police storm the area and immediately break in. Dong-Ha hides nearby but he’s not able to make the trade in time because of the raid.

After being let go and sent a thorough message by the Messenger, Kwang-Chul catches wind of what’s happening in Chinatown from Jung-Bae. Unfortunately, Dong-Ha is taken by police, where he decides to turn himself in.

Down at the station, he doesn’t reveal about the drugs (partly thanks to the warnings he’s been given from Kwang-Chul) and instead tells the police he was with prostitutes. Dong-Ha is let go that night, where he finds Eun-Joo waiting outside. She demands to know what’s going on with him.

Dong-Ha admits that he’s caught in a dangerous web and if he tries to escape those spiders from the Sangseon Ring are going to strike. Dong-Ha eventually brings up her affair but Eun-Joo has nothing to say and she drives off.

This drug bust was not an accident though. It turns out someone from Team 2 called this in with the exact time and location that the drug run was going to go down. There’s a mole on the inside and Kwang-Chul believes that it’s Min-Gyu, one of Kang-Jun’s men. So naturally, he has him beaten that night. However, Yoon-Soo starts to make plans to go after Kwang-Chul and take him out. If he doesn’t die then Yoon-Soo could be next.

Speaking of Min-Gyu, he’s told by Kwang-Chul that he can live… but only if he follows him. However, he’s not the only one striking deals. Park Deuk-Soo – a swindler who’s “dining and dashing”, is called in by Joo-Hyun who suggests they should work together. And it doesn’t take long for him to show up at Dong-Ha’s house, claiming to be the kids’ long lost grandfather. But is this another con or the truth?

As for Kwang-Chul, he rocks up to see Yong-Soo, throwing Min-Gyu out and dumping him on the floor, challenging both Kang-Jun and Yoon-Soo. He walks purposefully toward them.

The Episode Review

As we reach the business end of this season, A Model Family changes focus slightly to look a lot more intensely at the inner-workings of Kwang-Chul and the other gangsters. There’s a big rift and a power struggle starting to break out between them and that looks like it’s going to cause everything to explode into a flurry of drama.

Eun-Joo calling out Dong-Ha for sneaking around certainly has a sense of irony given what we know she’s been up to, and seeing Dong-Ha confront her about this – only for her to have no answer and to walk away silently – is telling as to how far their relationship has deteriorated.

A Model Family has set everything up for a dramatic couple of episodes to come. What will happen next? We’ll have to wait and see!

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