Am I Being Unreasonable? – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Am I Being Unreasonable begins with Nic preparing breakfast and thinking about Ollie murdering their cat. In the process, she burns her hand by accident.

The episode takes us back to a time when Nic had previously burnt her hand. Alex and Suzie pay a visit to Nic and Dan at their home. Alex compliments Nic’s top and kisses her in the kitchen while Dan and Suzie are away on the balcony.

Suzie and Alex give Ollie a dinosaur outfit for his cat, which he does not like. Suzie tells Nic and Dan over dinner that she and Alex are trying to have a child, which bothers Nic.

In the present timeline, Nic sees the young couple outside her window and is then transported back in time to when she was at the railway station with Alex. She recalls the time Alex threw a snowball at her.

We are thrown back once more to when Alex and Suzie visited Nic and Dan’s house. Dan shows Alex a 25-year-old girl on Tinder with whom he intends to hook up with, and Nic overhears the conversation and sees the girl. Suzie then informs them that she isn’t feeling well, and Dan offers her to use their room, and Alex joins her.

While Alex and Suzie are having sex, Nic walks in. She asks them to stop, given that Ollie is in the next room, and then breaks down. Alex rushes up, kisses, and comforts her. Alex expresses his love for Nic and his desire to have children with her. He tells her that all they have to do is get through the day. Ollie observes everything as it happens. Nic and Alex spot Ollie and lie to him about feeding the cat Mr. Miaowgi. This is what led to Ollie putting the cat in the washing machine.

Ollie, Nic, and Jen are having pancakes for breakfast in the present timeline. Ollie compliments her cooking and asks her to cook well every day. When Jen goes to keep her plate in the kitchen, Nic asks Ollie if she’s a bad mother. Ollie compliments her on being a great mother and recalls incidents in which she allowed him to do things that most parents would not.

Suzie confronts Nic at the memorial service and questions her about why she was there that night. She questions whether it’s because she used to work late. Suzie then admits that she misses but also hates her. Nic is confronted by Dan’s mother not long after, who informs her that Dan is deeply unhappy in his marriage.

The memorial service then begins, and Dan ends up sobbing while speaking a few words about Alex. Suzie continues to speak about Alex, and after a while, she calls Nic on stage and asks her to say a few words.

When Nic takes the stage to say a few words, we are transported back in time. We learn that Alex was with Nic solely to exact revenge on his brother Dan. He wanted to ruin Dan’s marriage, and when he found out that Dan was doing it himself, he decided to have a child with Suzie and call it quits with Nic.

We are then transported back in time once more to Nic and Alex at the railway station. We discover that the couple Nic keeps seeing in the present are here, at the station. Nic confronted Alex because he had ghosted her, and he confesses that he does not love her. He insults Nic and tells her that he did everything he could to bring Dan down. He then tells her he wants to have a child with Suzie, asking her to return to her family.

Nic purposefully pulls Alex’s shirt into the train as it is about to close, and he gets trapped. When the train is running, she considers pulling the emergency chain, but before she can make a decision, a train suddenly runs him over. That the couple she keeps seeing in the present timeline actually witnessed everything when she killed Alex.

The Episode Review

The episode completely altered the course of events as we had previously witnessed them. Nic kills Alex after she discovers that he never truly loved her and only used her to exact revenge on his brother. Nic’s guilt over killing Alex manifested itself in the form of the couple who were present when events unfolded at the railway station, which is why she keeps seeing them.

Nic rewrote reality in her head because the truth was too painful for her to bear. However, finding the video of Ollie killing the cat reminds her of what she did. She realizes that her son, like her, is capable of being cruel. The show features a morally grey female protagonist, which is not very common, and it doesn’t try to justify her actions either, which is impressive.

The show certainly takes you on an emotional rollercoaster while keeping the mystery element intact until the very end.

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