Am I Being Unreasonable? – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Episode 2

Nic wakes up late on Ollie’s birthday morning, which sets the tone for episode 2 of Am I Being Unreasonable? She is upset that he opened the presents without her, so Nic asks Dan about Jen, who tells her that he left at night because Harry couldn’t sleep.

At Ollie’s birthday celebration, Nic is struggling. She is in the bathroom with an upset stomach when Lucy disturbs her. Jen calms Nic down as she is having a breakdown, as the latter asks what she said the night before while drunk. Jen comforts her and guarantees to keep everything private.

The children are watching a movie at the party when Nic speaks loudly with Jen and Lucy and interrupts the kids. She then drifts off to sleep.

When Nic wakes up, her sister-in-law Suzie arrives with gifts for Ollie. Suzie is later revealed to be the deceased Alex’s wife. Suzie and Dan discuss Alex’s upcoming anniversary plaque, but she excludes Nic from the conversation. As Suzie is leaving, she tells Nic privately that she used to feel uncomfortable when Nic hung out with Alex.

Nic’s past haunts her while she sleeps. Nic gets out of bed and goes downstairs to find Dan watching an old video with Alex in it. Dan then asks her what she saw that day, and she says all he needs to know is that it was quick. Nic refuses to answer any further questions and walks away upstairs to sleep.

Nic and Jen are disappointed the following morning when Lucy manages to reserve a table for them at a Greek restaurant. Jen then hides from Vic when she comes into the house.

Nic locates her cat and brings it home, relieved that Ollie will be ecstatic. When she gets home, Viv expresses her frustration with the kids, telling her about their prank. However, Ollie does not appear pleased with Nic finding the cat.

Nic enters a room where a photo album with Alex’s picture on it is open and a video with Alex is playing in the background. Nic freaks out, just as Jen tells her that the kids must have taken it out. Nic goes on to tell Jen about how she met Alex. We learn that they first kissed when Nic was getting married to Dan, and this is where their story begins.

The Episode Review

The episode sheds more light on Nic’s past and who Alex was. It’s clear that the show is portraying our protagonist as a flawed character, and it’s admirable that they are not romanticizing her behavior.

When it comes to Jen, the mystery continues. We’re left wondering who she is and why she’s trying to get close to Nic after seeing her hide from Viv, record Nic’s confession, and be rather shady. It’ll be interesting to see how the upcoming episodes play out.

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