Am I Being Unreasonable? – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Episode 1

The first scene of Am I Being Unreasonable? episode 1 introduces us to Nic, our protagonist, and her friend Alex, sharing a tender moment. They have a deep affection for one another but then Nic gets on a train, and Alex kisses her. When the train closes, his coat gets stuck between the doors. The two of them rush to free Alex’s coat from the door in an anxious state. Following that, the timeline switches to the present.

Nic and her son Ollie are watching tv together. Ollie yells at Nic to take him to school since it’s getting late. Ollie and Nic interact with their neighbor as they rush around, but Nic is disappointed that their neighbor didn’t offer to drive them, even though they were traveling in the same direction anyway.

When Nic drops Ollie off at school, she gives him flyers of her missing cat. She then speaks with Jen, the mother of Ollie’s classmate, and they get along well.

Viv goes over to Nic’s house and anxiously tells her how she killed a pheasant after running it over. As a result, she encourages Nic to pray for the pheasant with her. Following that, Nic lies to Viv by saying that she needs to meet a friend, a way to ditch Nic. Alone, Nic watches something on her phone in a park, screaming as her past trauma returns to haunt her while she sits idly on the park bench.

Nic and Dan appear to be experiencing problems with their marriage. She doesn’t like having sex with him and is actively turned off by him. Their conversation has a gossipy element to it more than anything, which he is obviously not interested in.

When they are at Ollie’s school for an event the following morning, Nic speaks with Jen. Given that they both dislike Lucy, they get along well with one another. Dan though, begins to cry later that evening after Nic and Ollie arrive home. Nic comforts him as a result.

Nic learns that her cat was found the following morning. As soon as Nic sees Jen, she breaks the news to her. Jen suggests they celebrate this good news, and she invites herself to Nic’s house.

A cat is brought to Nic by a woman who explains to her that it isn’t her cat after a rather awkward conversation, and she shuts the door in disappointment. Nic informs Dan when he gets home that Jen will be visiting later that day, so Dan offers to take the kids out while Nic spends time with Jen.

After some time has passed, Nic gets emotional and discusses her past, which involves her affair with Alex. Jen appears to be recording their conversation with a hidden agenda. Nic, unaware of all this, relives her traumatic experience in which Alex gets hit by another train while he is stuck outside at the station.

The Episode Review

The episode introduces us to our protagonist Nic who is a lonely, unhappy wife. She is also plagued by a secret. Until she meets Jen, she doesn’t want to attend her son’s school event. Nic is overjoyed to meet someone who shares her light outlook towards life, but as Jen records Nic’s vulnerable conversation, it becomes clear that she is not who she seems to be.

The episode skillfully lays the foundation for what the show will introduce viewers to. It successfully balances comedy and mystery, keeping you interested in what will happen next. It’ll be interesting to watch the direction the show will take from here on.

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