Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

I Flip My Lid

In episode 4 of Am I Actually The Strongest?, Haruto and Flay work together to drive the thieves out of town. Simply for Charlotte’s amusement, he does this while she watches him battle foes on the security camera he previously gave her. Meanwhile, the prince and Marianne are about to receive Charlotte. Haruto decides to check her route’s safety before she leaves as a consequence.

A group of individuals who resemble Satanists are seen summoning someone when he is investigating it. He then goes to inspect the group to determine whether they are a threat to Char’s life. He is forced to use Flays’ assistance to fight them once he comes across them. Soon after, he discovers that the Queen Consort, Haruto’s biological mother, is plotting Char’s death. Angry, he decides to murder her.

The prince and Marianne are seen travelling with Charlotte and the duplicate Haruto. The prince and Marianne are still perplexed about Haruto’s victory in the duel. The real Haruto approaches his father and indirectly inquires about the consequences of the Queen Consort’s death and discovers that it has the potential to spark a civil war. Thus, he gives up his plan.

Following that, Haruto decides to protect Charlotte until she is old enough to become Queen. He muses on this, wondering when he’ll be able to live as a recluse, and the episode concludes.

The Episode Review

The episode centers on Haruto discovering a threat to Char’s life: his biological mother. Haruto decides to protect Charlotte until she becomes Queen at the end of the episode.

Like the previous episodes, this one is not particularly fascinating or entertaining. Furthermore, the central character isn’t a particularly strong character, to begin with, so he doesn’t add much to the plot.

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