Am I Actually The Strongest? – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Am I Actually The Strongest? begins with Charlotte showering affection on Haruto. He finds it unusual, but he enjoys it nonetheless. He informs her that he is studying ancient magic. She then tells him that she knows of some resources in the library that will help him. She then offers to take him with her.

She selects some books for Haruto in the library to help him. Following that, they spend some quality time together, during which he shows her anime. Charlotte is fluent in Japanese and is addicted to anime two weeks later, surprising Haruto with her quick learning. He is concerned about his younger sister’s new binge-watching habit. Following that, he only allows her to watch television for three hours.

Haruto and Charlotte continue to spend more time together. Their parents are overjoyed because the two kids are growing closer. Gold is also about to embark on a mission to eliminate the thieves once and for all. Charlotte believes Haruto should use his abilities to assist their father and make everyone happy.

Haruto ends up assisting Gold in defeating the thieves. Following this, he uses his abilities for justice, earning himself the label of “Black Knight.” Prince Laius and Marianne, Haruto’s blood siblings, then pay a visit. Marianne is a lovely, grounded young lady. Prince Laius, on the other hand, is far too proud. Haruto gets frustrated by his behavior. When Prince Laius spots his glum expression, he challenges him to a duel.

During the duel, Haruto easily defeats Prince Laius. Marianne is surprised because she believes Haruto’s mana level is only two. Following that, she questions Gold about Haruto’s abilities, and he admits that he, too, is puzzled.

The Episode Review

Episode 3 revolves around Haruto becoming close to Charlotte, fighting for justice at her request, and gaining a reputation for being the “Black Knight.” The episode additionally recounts Haruto’s siblings’ visit. He then surprises everyone by defeating his brother Laius in a duel.

The anime has endowed our protagonist with extraordinary abilities. In this episode, we see him embark on missions for justice. While it is interesting to see the protagonist have a goal, giving him an Achilles heel could have made his character more interesting.

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