American Star (2024) Ending Explained – What happens to Wilson?

Plot Summary

The plot of American Star revolves around an ageing assassin named Wilson who journies to the tranquil island of Fuerteventura to wait for his next target. 

When his target is delayed, Wilson has time on his hands, so he spends his days exploring the island and meeting the locals. At times, he finds a sense of peace within himself, thanks to the beauty of his surroundings and his friendship with others. 

But towards the end of the movie, his life is turned violently upside down.

In this ending explained article for American Star, we ask the question: What happens to Wilson at the end of the movie?

Who does Wilson meet on the island?

Wilson is on the island to meet the person he intends to kill. But when he seemingly doesn’t turn up as expected, Wilson is free to walk around the island and meet the people who live there. 

One of the first people he meets is a beautiful woman named Gloria who arrives at his target’s house. She takes a dip in the swimming pool so it’s evident that she has been to this residence before. As the movie progresses, the two draw closer to one another. 

Wilson also meets a boy named Max at the hotel where he is staying. The two become unlikely friends, with Wilson teaching the lonely young lad a thing or two about keeping secrets. 

Later in the movie, Wilson also meets Gloria’s mother Anne, who reveals to Wilson that her daughter’s fondness for him is because she craves a father figure. Unfortunately, there is no chance for a relationship between Wilson and Gloria. Another person turns up on the island – a hitman named Ryan, an associate of Wilson’s – and he upsets Wilson’s plans to settle down on Fuerteventura. 

What does Ryan do? 

Ryan knows the identity of Wilson’s target. It turns out to be Gloria, who is revealed to be a dangerous criminal with connections to a drug lord. 

Ryan reveals this to Wilson but the retiring hitman doesn’t want to harm Gloria as he has become attached to her. He later discovers he isn’t the only one Gloria has drawn close to, as he finds photos of her being intimate with Ryan. It’s unlikely that Ryan has romantic interests for Gloria. It’s more likely that he simply took the opportunity to have sex with her, in typical Bondian fashion.

Towards the end of the movie, a man and a woman arrive at the house with the swimming pool. They are both killed by Wilson, presumably because they are also targets of his. But while he’s able to shoot them in cold blood, he’s still unable to kill Gloria because of his feelings for her. 

Sadly, Gloria’s life isn’t saved because of Wilson’s affections. When Ryan realizes Wilson isn’t going to kill his target, he shoots and kills her instead. 

What happens to Wilson?

Wilson kills Ryan as revenge on him for killing Gloria. He then carries Ryan’s body into the sea and walks towards a sunken warship – the American Star. Like Wilson, this vessel is old and broken. 

We don’t see what happens to Wilson as he disappears from view. However, it can be assumed that he decided to drown himself, as without Gloria, he was like the American Star – past his prime and no longer fit for service. 


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