American Horror Story: Delicate Mid-Season Review – Shaping up to be a hell of a ride

Episode Guide

Episode 1: Multiply Thy Pain – | Rating 3/5
Episode 2: Rockabye – | Rating  3/5
Episode 3: When The Bough Breaks – | Rating 4/5
Episode 4: Vanishing Twin – | Rating 3/5
Episode 5: Preech – | Rating 4/5

*Warning – There are spoilers in this review, so if you haven’t watched all the episodes up until this point, turn back now!*

American Horror Story: Delicate takes a mid-season break with production being halted due to the writer’s strike, leaving the second half of the ten-episode season due for release sometime in 2024. This season has been one hell of a ride so far, with events reaching fever pitch in the mid season finale, with the decapitation of Anna’s acting rival, Babette. Everything was leading up to this cliffhanger moment in the previous episodes, with Anna experiencing a horror pregnancy. 

This was the first season in the anthology horror show to be based on a book, with Danielle Valentine’s Delicate Condition being the source material in question. The book was very much inspired by Rosemary’s Baby, which is evident in the episodes thus far. 

The standout episode in the season is When the Bough Breaks, which sees Anna really start to lose her grip on reality, and Emma Roberts totally brings it to her role. 

Kim Kardashian also proves she’s a great supporting actress in the making with her star turn as Anna’s scheming publicist, Siobhan Corbyn.

Part two of American Horror Story: Delicate could shape up to be one of the best conclusions to the anthology series, and we can’t wait for it. 

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  • Verdict - 7/10

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