American Horror Story: Delicate – Season 12 Episode 3 Recap & Review

When the Bough Breaks

American Horror Story: Delicate Season 12 Episode 3 starts with Anna taking a walk through the woods. She sees none other than Mrs. Preecher lurking around, sitting in a tree and saying, “I’ve been looking for you.” Is that creepy or what? 

Anna runs back to Talia’s Hamptons getaway location, and Dex claims to have sent out a search party to look for her. 

The next morning, Anna meets Nicolette, the house manager. She shows Anna a video of her 8-week-old baby, and then asks Anna if she has any children. Of course, that’s a sore subject. 

Elsewhere, Dex invites Siobhan to the Hamptons, and she quickly appears there. Later on, a nice stroll on the beach takes a nasty turn when Anna stumbles upon the doll she signed way back in episode one. To her shock, it has pins sticking out of its stomach. 

Anna continues down a dark path by getting drunk in the basement and raiding a box marked “Talia’s baby stuff.” Next up, she crawls through a tiny door that leads to a little area with babies in jars. Two women in all black ambush Anna and sedate her. The last thing Anna sees before passing out is a goat’s face looking at her. Scary. 

Anna wakes up the next day in the basement with news to share with the group. It turns out she’s still pregnant and can feel the baby kicking. Anna goes to purchase a fetal heart monitor, but they are all sold out. 

It’s confirmed to Anna that she has had a misdiagnosed miscarriage when she receives a message from Mrs. Preecher saying, “I want to warn you,” which she has written in Anna’s calendar in her phone. 

A message reads “THEY DID SOMETHING TO YOUR BABY.” Anna asks if they killed her baby and receives a very bizarre and scary response: “YOUR BABY ISN’T DEAD.”

The Episode Review

The weirdest episode of the series so far sees Anna really start to lose her marbles, with some very strange things going on up in the Hamptons.

Emma Roberts is dazzling in this new run of AHS, and Delicate gives her the opportunity to showcase her vulnerability in spades. The supporting cast alongside her gives the audience plenty to question about their true motives, and the pace is very much picking up speed, leading up to the mid-season finale. 

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