American Gigolo – Season 1 Episode 7 “Atomic” Recap & Review


Episode 7 of American Gigolo begins with Isabelle confronting Julian and wanting to know what Olga may be hiding. She points out that Olga was talking a lot of crap about him before she died. Julian shrugs, pointing out that Olga wanted him to see the Lisa Beck file and find out what may be hiding there. Isabelle tells him to move on and leave it, ending with telling Julian that she and Lorenzo are the only ones who have his back.

Meanwhile, Richard lashes out at Michelle, telling her he’s been trying to clean up her mess. “Have you been seeing Julian again?” He demands. Although Michelle is quiet and replies no, it’s clear Richard doesn’t believe her. “Is he mine, is Colin my son?” He asks. The silence speaks volumes. Richard is not happy and points out all the moments he’s been there for Colin, helping to raise the child like his own.

Michelle tries to explain, admitting that she wanted something better for Colin. A better life for them both. As the pair argue, Michelle claims she was just a prized possession to Richard, and that this was never about love.

Sunday continues to investigate the case, this time looking into Lisa Beck, who seems to be the key to everything. Of course, for Sunday this is personal, especially given her life of growing up and having to look after two addicts alone.

Meanwhile, Julian opens up to Lorenzo, thanks to some light hounding from the latter. He brings up the tattoo on the man’s hand, along with Colin being kidnapping and everything that’s transpired thus far. They don’t have a lot to go on but time is very much of the essence here.

After doing a deeper dive on Lisa Beck, Sunday finds some crucial information to help with the case. She hurriedly rings Julian, telling him he needs to see what she’s found. Lisa Beck had a sister called Janet Beck. Only, Janet changed her name following Lisa’s death to… Janet Holmes.

So Lisa and Janet were sisters and the latter was making some “pretty interesting” calls before she died. She not only phoned a congressman but she also phoned a newspaper and cable company. Alongside those though are several numbers referencing back to people who worked for Olga – clients. Gail St John was one of Julian’s old clients and given her name is on the list, Julian decides it may be a good idea if he goes along alone to talk to her.

In his absence, Sunday finds even more details about Colin’s kidnapper, including a very specific description – a bird tattoo on the man’s hand. This brings her closer to finding who has taken Colin.

Meanwhile, Julian heads off to see Gail, who drops the bombshell reveal that Janet was killed and “everyone was in on it.” It would seem that Janet was investigating Olga and what happened with her sister, and was killed for it. Julian is not happy and eventually lashes out at Lorenzo, claiming he knew and kept everything hidden.

En-route to grab Colin, Panish is pulled over at the side of the road by police. Unfortunately, he has the money needed for the transfer. Captured by police, Sunday lets Julian know what’s happened. He immediately heads over to Richard Stratton’s place, intent on working together to get Colin back.

Meanwhile, Sunday questions Stratton, while we learn that Isabelle is actually the one behind Colin’s kidnapping.

The Episode Review

In perhaps the biggest non-shocker of the season, it turns out Isabelle has actually been working against Julian this whole time. That was perhaps obvious to anyone who has been paying attention, and we know that Isabelle has had this weird sort of obsession with Julian since the start of the show.

It really isn’t all that surprising to find she’s the one orchestrating Colin’s kidnapping. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out she also killed Olga too.

The episode does well to keep things interesting, although the inclusion of Paloma and Sunday exuding exposition about her past felt a bit clunky. We already know Sunday has had a tough upbringing and I don’t think it’s needed here. Despite that though, American Gigolo sets the scene nicely for what should be a very dramatic episode to follow next week.

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