American Born Chinese – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Fourth Scroll

What does Jin learn from his dream?

Jin has an odd dream the night before the school match. In the dream, Guanyin, Anuj, Guanyin, Freddy, and his mom and dad are all present on the Beyond Repair set. Jin discovers that everything that will happen that day has been hinted at in his dream. Jin understands that if he doesn’t take action, something disastrous could happen.

What happens at school before the big match?

At school, Jin learns that the Autumnal Equinox falls on that particular day. We discover that the doorway between Heaven and Earth opens during the equinox of autumn. The Bull Demon intends to use the chance to wipe out Heaven.

In class, Jin ends up ignoring Amelia because he is too preoccupied with the situation at hand.

How do Anuj, Jin and Wei-Chen plan to trick the Bull Demon?

Together with Jin’s closest friend Anuj, Jin and Wei-Chen attempt to devise a strategy to lure the Bull Demon out so they can steal the Jingu Bang from him. The Monkey King comic books contain hints. Wei-Chen, Jin, and Anuj learn about how the character defeats his adversaries after his staff is taken. Thereafter, they understand that the football game is the ideal location for Bull Demon’s scheme. Following this, they decide to entice the Bull Demon from the audience during the match given that he is a shape-shifter.

What happens before the cosplay?

In their joint search for their misplaced pendant, the Wangs discover an unconscious yet still-alive Sun Wukong. Mrs. Wang hands him a bottle of herbal extract that Guanyin blessed. Meanwhile, Jin discovers that Amelia likes him, which fulfills his wish to be with her.

Who wins the fight?

In the play, Jin assumes the identity of the Bull Demon and recounts all of his personal insecurities. The plan works and Wei-Chen and the Bull then engage in a fierce battle in the presence of the entire school. The audience believes it’s a performance by the cosplay club.

The Bull succeeds in driving the wand into the floor in order to bring down Heaven using the force of the Earth. Wei-Chen is running out of time, so Jin steps in.

Jin realizes what he has been ignoring all along. Jin himself served as the mediator between the opposing sides of the conflicting parties, not the pendant. We discover that Jin is the final scroll. Jin saves the day by throwing himself over the gate’s staff in one final act of faith. Wukong has also arrived to save his child, and together they vanish into thin air after leaving the field.

Does the season have a happy ending?

Wei-Chen shows up after the game, just as Jin is about to go home. He explains to him that he came to bid Jin farewell. Additionally, he says that he is sincerely grateful to him for saving his entire world. They part ways with a hug and with the intention of reuniting soon.

Shortly after, we learn that Jin’s parents have been taken hostage by the Iron Princess. She tells Jin that if he wants to find them again, he must accompany her.

The Episode Review

A thrilling action-filled finale is delivered in this episode. Additionally, it also created an intricate web of plot links that kept things intriguing to the very end.

The show ends on a bittersweet note. Even though Wei-Chen and Jin won the fight, the war is still in progress because Jin’s parents have been kidnapped by Princess Iron, the Bull Demon’s wife. If the series is brought back for a second season, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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