American Born Chinese – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Beyond Repair

Jin tries to console Wei-Chen after his father has been abducted by the Bull Demon at the start of American Born Chinese episode 7. Following that, we see the Bull Demon torturing Sun Wukong.

When Jin and Wei-Chen visit Guanyin, she explains that the pendant is not the fourth scroll. Jin devises a scheme to trick the Bull Demon by claiming that the pendant is the scroll in exchange for Wei-Chen’s dad. Guanyin, on the other hand, informs them that the pendant was eaten by a dog. Guanyin then instructs Wei-Chen and Jin to return to their actual homes.

When Guanyin asks Wei-Chen if he’s ready to return to heaven, he says he has decided to stay back and save his father.

Jin’s mother informs Jin that she will be staying with his aunt for a few days as she drops Jin off at school. Jin then concludes that it must be due to her differences with his father.

Jin can now play football in the school team like he always wanted to. He seems to be preoccupied with numerous issues, the most important of which is the major argument between his parents. Jin acts out at school once more, and the principal calls Jin’s parents.

The principal is silenced by Jin’s dad after she spews some offensive words. When Jin’s father stands up for Jin’s mother, their situation seems to improve, if not return to normal.

Wei-Chen locates both his dad and the bull demon. Wei-Chen is about to be killed by the Bull Demon because he is too powerful for him. Ji Gong, on the other hand, changes paths and orders him to step aside and leave the kid alone. Ji Gong is severely hurt by the Bull demon. Wei-Chen receives some beads from Ji Gong, who also advises him to run away before the Bull murders everyone. Wei-Chen then witnesses the building catch fire while his father is still inside.

The Episode Review

The majority of the show’s characters, including the more relatable ones, lack a multifaceted personality. Most of the characters are either black or white, except the Bull Demon. Given what the tale is attempting to accomplish, it’s not necessarily a negative aspect of the show. Wei-Chen and Jin are both looking for a sense of self and determining what they want to do with their lives. In addition, Jin’s parents are attempting to rediscover who they are despite their marital problems.

The tension in this episode is at an all-time high. Given that Sun Wukong is most likely dead, it will be interesting to see how the loose ends are tied, especially since the finale episode is only one episode away.

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