American Born Chinese – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Wei-Chen regrets his friendship with Jin ending at the beginning of American Born Chinese episode 6. He asks Guanyin to see if there is another way for him to unlock the scroll without using his father’s staff. Guanyin learns from Shi Ji, a celestial jeweler, that the pendant is not the scroll. As a result, they have to start from scratch.

Amelia asks Jin about his well-being at school, and he responds by telling her about his fight with Wei-Chen. Jin then informs Amelia that it is his birthday today. Amelia organizes a bowling party for Jin and invites all of his friends, including Wei-Chen.

Jin makes an effort to communicate with his parents in an effort to mend their relationship. Ultimately, nothing really works out.

Wei-Chen arrives at Jin’s birthday celebration with his mother’s herbal powder as a gift. Soon after, when Ji Gong tells him about the jade pendant that could be the fourth scroll, Bull Demon disrupts Jin’s birthday celebration. When Wukong arrives, Bull Demon nearly kills Wei-Chen’s dad with a piece of his own wand that ends up stuck in his stomach.

We see that his dad Wukong is unable to fight. As a consequence, the Bull Demon takes him away and Wei-Chen is left heartbroken, criticizing himself.

Jin’s parents discover that he lied to them in order to bring them together at home. Jin’s parent’s relationship is hanging by a thread and despite having a headache, Jin’s mother won’t eat anything.

After Jin’s birthday party, Amelia and his friends leave. Thereafter, Jin discovers that Sun Wukong was taken by the Bull Demon when he checks in on Wei-Chen.

The Episode Review

The Bull Demon plays a significant role in this episode as he has to establish himself as the menacing antagonist that he is. Nevertheless, despite having a compelling backstory, he fails to leave a mark on the audience. Having said that, the show is incredibly interesting and keeps you hooked at this point.

The falling action in the show begins in this episode, in both realms. With Sun Wukong being held hostage by the Bull Demon and Jin’s parents’ relationship worsening, it will be interesting to see how these loose ends are resolved.

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