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Episode 5 of American Born Chinese begins with Wei-Chen telling Jin everything that happened in the heavenly realm before his return to Earth. Shortly after, Wei-Chen learns that the pendants owned by Jin’s parents are constructed from two extremely rare green and orange jades. They integrate themselves to form a cohesive whole.

Jin excuses himself and leaves, claiming he has to finish his biology project when he and Wei-Chen are on their mission to track Ji Gong. Jin then visits Amelia’s home where he spends time with her and her family.

Wei-Chen tracks Ji Gong and hears his explanation of the fourth scroll. After that, he believes Jin’s mother’s necklace to be the fourth scroll. He unintentionally directs Ji Gong to the Wangs’ house as a consequence of his actions, however.

In front of Jin’s parents, Ji Gong poses as Wei-Chun’s uncle. He then brings the Wongs to a diner where he steals their jade necklace. Jin and Wei-Chen arrive at the diner as well, but Ji Gong succeeds in taking the pendant. The Wongs end up getting into a serious fight while intoxicated. Jin is furious as a consequence.

Due to some sort of magic, Ji Gong misplaces the pendant. Wei-Chen then grabs the jade pendant. Wei-Chen ends up stealing Jin’s parents’ pendant, and this makes Jin feel disappointed and enraged. He is further hurt as a consequence of his parents’ fight.

Wei-Chen, on the other hand, is disappointed that Jin doesn’t want to be his mentor and friend. Wei-Chen then decides to take the pendant anyway.

The Episode Review

Wei-Chen and Jin fight as the episode comes to a close. They both seem disappointed with one another. Wei-Chen, in the meantime, manages to find the jade pendant that he thinks is the fourth scroll.

The comedic parts of the show draw attention to Jin, the central protagonist. His absurd delivery and puzzled demeanor blend in well with the events taking place around him. He loses credibility in the more passionate scenarios, though. The dialogue within those scenes doesn’t help his case either.

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