American Born Chinese- Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Make A Splash

Episode 4 of American Born Chinese begins with Jin winning the competition. Amelia then compliments him and inquires about his good performance. He then thinks about Wei-Chen as he looks at his empty seat in the classroom.

After the staff gets stolen, Wukong brings Wei-Chen back to his heavenly home. When Sun Wukong is thinking about the past, we learn that the Bull Demon and Sun Wukong had been close companions over a thousand years back.

The Bull lacked self-assurance, so Sun Wukong made an effort to motivate him to put himself first. However, after plenty of failed attempts, Sun Wukong ultimately took the mighty staff for himself and rose to prominence as the empire’s next great sage.

Wukong realizes that Wei-Chen was only trying to live out his dreams and become more like his dad. After reflecting on his past, Sun Wukong offers Wei-Chen one piece of advice that will enable him to locate the scroll. He tells him that Ji Gong will assist him in locating it. Thereafter, Wei-Chen is sent back to complete his mission of finding the fourth scroll.

When Wei-Chen returns to Earth, he learns from Jin that he didn’t miss a day, but a month while he was away!

The Episode Review

The majority of this episode is set in the past. We learn about Bull Demon and Sun Wukong’s friendship, as well as their eventual split owing to Sun Wukong’s betrayal. This episode humanizes the antagonist, gives him a strong motivation for vengeance, and makes him worth empathizing with.

This episode is one of the best of the season and it helps to shape the show’s secondary characters. The previous episodes make a lot more sense after this episode, and it makes you want to watch the episodes that follow this one.

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