American Born Chinese- Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of American Born Chinese begins with Guanyin and Sun Wukong dining in the West and talking about Wei-Chen. Guanyin makes an effort to persuade Sun Wukong to let Wei-Chen pursue his own interests. She then gives Sun Wukong her word that she will keep an eye on Wei-Chen.

Elsewhere, Wei-Chen tries to persuade Jin to serve as his guide when Jin confronts him about what happened the day before.

Meanwhile, as she is shopping for herbal powder, Jin’s mother discovers that the owner is closing the store. Jin’s mother then purchases an entire case of herbal powder.

Jin’s debut day on the football team has arrived. There is a tradition where the newcomers have to complete certain tasks in order to take home a pair of golden-colored cleats during a gathering for all the soccer kids. As a consequence, Jin is very busy before the game.

Guanyin receives a visit from Niu Mowang at her home on Earth. The Bull Demon asks Guanyin to join him in his uprising after engaging in some condescending conversation. He does not understand despite Guanyin’s best efforts to persuade him. They then engage in combat, with Guanyin emerging victorious. Niu Mowang then gives Guanyin a warning before leaving.

Jin’s mother is making an effort to sell the herbal powder, and it seems like she hopes to turn it into a side business. Jin’s mother then gives the owner’s granddaughter all of the proceeds from the sale. Mrs. Wong decides to increase sales of their herbal powder to save the store.

Up until the final mission, Jin seems to be doing a fantastic job. In the last task, he has to wrap toilet paper to mask a large bear statue. Wei-Chen offers to assist him in exchange for Jin’s assistance in locating the fourth scroll. When they are successful, Jin promises to stand by Wei-Chen. The Bull Demon, however, manages to steal the staff in the midst of the enthusiasm. After the wand has been taken away by the Bull Demon, Wukong then forcefully takes Wei-Chen back to his heavenly home.

The Episode Review

The show’s ups and downs are the consequence of the contrast between the extraordinary as well as the ordinary, which makes it brilliant. Furthermore, the way the show effectively weaves together the young adult and fantasy genres is simply outstanding.

The older end of the generation gap is where the show excels. Wei-Chen and Sun Wukong take on the classic tug-of-war involving the prodigal son and the patriarch. Jin’s parents, on the other hand, are incredibly grounded in contrast. It’s fascinating to look at the different parenting styles in the show.

However, the show appears to be suffering from a major flaw. Jin, the main character, is not particularly likable. His cowardly and unconfident demeanor makes it difficult for the audience to root for him.

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